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Nov. 7, 2002

Washington Post praises Silver Chips Online

by Cori Cohen, Page Editor
In today's edition of the Montgomery Extra, The Washington Post praised Silver Chips Online for its quick updates regarding the sniper attacks.

Junior Keith Costanzo was commended for his reporting efforts. Costanzo went to the different locations of the sniper attacks to take pictures. He then created an interactive map. The author of the article, Patricia Ford Loeb, reported that Costanzo was "thrust into the world of big-time journalism." (See the map here.)

Silver Chips print edition Managing Page Editor Kristin Hoven and Editor-in-Chief Stephen Wertheim were also quoted. The article continued to applaud Silver Chips Online for its daily updates. Parts of a story written on October 16, by Online Managing Editor Nora Toiv, were also included in the article.

The article noted how effectively Silver Chips Online kept the community updated on both the attacks and the school policies. Loeb wrote that Silver Chips Online "kept the site updated with changes to sports schedules and school activities."

    Silver Chips Online sniper coverage:
  1. Sniper fears keep Code Blue in effect
  2. Reactions to sniper vary
  3. Schools open late after new shooting
  4. Police arrest suspected snipers
  5. Newsbrief: September shooting linked to sniper attacks

    Silver Chips print edition sniper coverage:
  1. Sniper was in Blair's backyard
  2. Shootings hit home

The article recognized Rockville High School's online newspaper, the Rampage Online and Winston Churchill High School's newspaper, The Observer, for keeping their respective schools informed of the events involving the sniper attacks.

Read the Post article here.

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  • The Critic on November 8, 2002
    You guys need to develop some humility, instead of printing self-promotional news.
  • Phil on November 10, 2002
    Man, don't be so hard on 'um
  • [none provided] on November 11, 2002
    where were they boastful?
    where did they brag?
    why are you so stupid?

    until you learn the meaning of humility i dont think you should use the word
  • The Critic on November 11, 2002
    You guys need to develop a lot of humility, instead of printing self-promotional news.
  • Agreed on November 12, 2002
    They've been doing this for some time now
  • Yeah Silver Chips Online! on November 12, 2002
    I definitely disagree with "The Critic"; Silver Chips Online should be appraised for their timely efforts! Good job, man, to all of the SC Online staff.
  • Kevin Chang on November 18, 2002
    The last comment read,

    "until you learn the meaning of humility i dont think you should use the word"

    Where did we use the word humility?
  • babygurl on November 22, 2004
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