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Dec. 4, 2002

Sloe, Darcy

By Olivia Bevacqua
Name: Darcy Sloe
Department: Hon. Biology and AP Biology
Education: Graduated from Wellesley University, took graduate classes at Rockefeller University and completed a one-year masterís certification program at the University of Maryland.
Previous job: Worked for a computer company.
Years at Blair: 13.
Hobbies: Tennis, reading, working out.
Darcy Sloe is a slim, attractive brunette with an easygoing smile. With her athletic build and boundless energy, she could easily be mistaken for the tennis coach at Blair, a position she actually held 11 years ago. Today her friendly disposition and brisk manner constitute the perfect formula for a high school biology teacher. Sloe has been working at Blair for 14 years and could not be happier with her present situation.

Seventeen years ago Sloe was taking graduate classes at Rockefeller University in New York. While there she researched virology and studied the effect of the interferon, then considered to be a possible cure for cancer. Although she found the work fascinating, she realized that she did not want to go to graduate school, for the field seemed "too lonely, isolated, and competitive."

She then began working for a computer company in New York. At this point in her life she went on a blind date with a man named Mark. The two of them saw Lily Tomlin in a comedy show about the search for intelligent life in the universe. Sloe chuckled at the memory. According to Sloe, "I looked at Mark and said to myself, 'I think Iíve found it!'"

Despite the fact that Mark lived in Maryland and Sloe in New York, they dated for two years before Sloe moved to Maryland. She discovered her true calling in life while they were visiting Markís brother in Europe, who taught military dependents in U.S. Department of Defense schools. Sloe and Mark had memorable experiences traveling through Germany and skiing in Austria with teachers from different countries. She "fell in love" with this community of teachers, and realized that perhaps she should change her career. When they got home, Sloe called the University of Maryland and found out about a one-year master's certification program that she would eventually complete.

Blair is the only school where Sloe has ever taught. She did not have to look far to find her ideal place to work. "When I was taking my classes at the University of Maryland, I could practically see the old Blair from my house. I kind of looked at it and said, 'I want to work there!'" she said.

She enjoys teaching at Blair because it is a "large, inner-city school with a lot of diversity," which is similar to her former environment in New York. "I couldn't stand working with a bunch of red-neck hicks," she said wryly. "I'm more in my element here."

She sighed contentedly, reflecting upon her good fortune. "I still pinch myself when I think of how lucky I am."

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  • Gabriel Fischbarg (View Email) on June 10, 2012 at 5:02 PM
    is this the same teacher who taught at Horace Mann?
  • Mark on October 13, 2017 at 10:35 PM
    Darcy, is that you?
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