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March 6, 2013

SilverStyle: Kim Kardashian is pregnant and blind

by Stacy Mathew, Online Opinions and Features Editor
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Okay, so Kim Kardashian isn’t blind, but based on her recent outfit choices it is easy to believe so. The reality TV star announced her pregnancy in December and has been showing off baby Kimye by wearing the most unflattering outfits, probably hand picked by her baby daddy Kanye West. While Kardashian and West are known for, let's say, interesting fashion choices, West’s influence on Kardashian has caused her to lose praise from some of her most beloved fans (including myself) and be known as World’s Least Comfortable Pregnant Woman.

Kim Kardashian sported this revolting tight hot pink dress alongside beau Kanye West Courtesy of JustJared
Kim Kardashian sported this revolting tight hot pink dress alongside beau Kanye West
Too close for comfort
Kardashian is mainly known for her voluptuous curves and basically perfect figure which, as expected, blew up the moment she got pregnant. While the amount of people calling her "fat" is alarming due to the fact that she is pregnant and weight gain is inevitable, wearing a tight, body-hugging pink dress doesn’t exactly justify her weight gain. Either she wants to show the world that she is comfortable with being pregnant and loves her new body, or she is delusional and wants to scar the vision of people all over the world with her excessive amount of junk in the trunk. This dress could have been saved for a time when she was, oh I don’t know, not expecting, and she definitely could have traded it in for a loose flowing maxi dress that brought the attention to her face rather than body. Either way you look at it, this dress looked horrifying on pregnant Kim.

Kim Kardashian looks remarkably similar to Shamu the whale. Courtesy of NY Daily News
Kim Kardashian looks remarkably similar to Shamu the whale.
Shamu’s twin
No one really wakes up in the morning and aims to look like a whale, but sometimes, it just happens. Kardashian stepped out in a white and black dress that hugged her behind and flowed a little loosely in the front. The front of this dress was draped with a white fabric, which highlighted how large her stomach looked. Once again, we expect Kardashian to look larger than normal, but wearing a dress that is completely white in the front is something that Kim Kardashian circa 2009 could pull off, not present-day Kim Kardashian. While the back of the dress was black and would be expected to give a slimming effect, it had the opposite on Kardashian and highlighted unsightly bulges. Kim really is not winning in this outfit.

Leave some air to breathe
Kim's style makes us miss the pre-Kanye era. Courtesy of E! Online
Kim's style makes us miss the pre-Kanye era.

There is no other word to describe this outfit than "unflattering." A noticeably pregnant Kardashian wore a super tight black long-sleeved turtleneck paired with high-waisted peplum, I repeat peplum, pants and her signature triangle-toe heels. While there are endless problems with this outfit, the first has to be that she barely looks like she can breathe. The "peplum" part of the pants started about two inches under her chest, which caused her stomach to bulge out from the sides. The pants themselves could have been justified if they were skinny jeans, but the boot-cut for these pants paired with high heels made me question where exactly Kim went wrong. Honestly, the button on her pants looks like its trying its best, but some things were just not meant to this outfit on a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful period of time where women should feel comfortable with their body. In none of these pictures does Kardashian look comfortable in her body, but maybe if she stopped trying to dress like West and instead went back to her own style, she would come up with some slightly less horrific outfits. I am ecstatic for her baby to come into the world, not only because Kardashian has expressed her desire to be a mother for a long time now, but also because I have faith in Kardashian making a fashion comeback.

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  • goodness on March 6, 2013 at 1:27 PM
    This article is actually very disheartening. It is and I will repeat it, a womans choice to wear what she wants. A womans! Beyond the fat-shaming in this article there is a lack of compassion. You can admire Kim's old style without comparing her to a whale and ostracizing her fashion choices. Fashion isn't all about flattering especially for style icons such as kim. It is about taking risks and being comfortable with them!
  • Paul the Sadly Disappointed on March 6, 2013 at 2:05 PM
    I was flummoxed at the portrayal of Kim Kardashian in this atricle. I will be honest here, I have no great love for this woman, but "Junk in the trunk?" Really? She can wear what she wants, and why should you honestly care? The woman is pregnant and obviously is fine with wearing what she wants. I understand such commentary from soft news like TMZ, and maybe my standards are a bit too high for a student run publication, but don't insult someone's choices unless they are offensive or dangerous to themselves or others. It's unseemly.
  • Yeah (View Email) on March 7, 2013 at 6:32 PM
    She used to be hot. Then she covered everything up and it looks strange on such a voluptuous body. Her boobs are squished and the side part doesn't flatter her
  • SCO...what is going on!!! on March 8, 2013 at 7:58 PM
    I don't remember writing these articles back when i was on it last year!

    This is a joke, this isn't newsworthy and DEFINITELY does not deserve to have been published.

    No offense to you Stacey because you're a talented writer, but you are bashing a woman you have never even met. Do you have any original insight on this matter, or do you wish to base your opinions off of what you read online and what you perceive from the media?

    Writers on SCO should not be able to write on subjects from which they cannot directly interview the subjects. Because otherwise this entire site is just a huge book report.

  • rude much on March 11, 2013 at 7:27 PM
    wow....outraged at how a high school newspaper is publishing articles like this. The entire article is about critiquing her fat. Clothing on all pregnant women appears "tight" and as a celebrity, she can't go around wearing baggy t-shirts and sweats.

    The whale comment was taking it way tooo far. It's a nice, conservative dress and you're insulting it by saying she's fat. This is simply an unacceptable article for a high school paper.
  • chances of getting pregnant (View Email) on July 2, 2013 at 5:54 AM
    "Pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful period of time where women should feel comfortable with their body."
    yes, woman must comfortable with their body while pregnant. should be able to mix and match clothes to wear to go.
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