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Oct. 29, 2013

Cozy Pacciís Pizzeria is Superbly Delicious

by Sarah Trunk, Staff Writer
Pacci's Neopolitan Pizzeria in Silver Spring is tucked away in an inconspicuous corner in Downtown Silver Spring, right by the World building. Inside, Pacciís seems pretty small, with a bar, an open pizza oven, a few tables and dim lighting that adds a cozy feel. Their outdoor seating is very spacious. Although itís right on a busy road, itís quiet and tranquil, in part because of the soothing water fountain nearby. Green vines creep up the walls and bad pop music plays in the background. Itís the perfect place if you want to try new things or if you are going for something traditional.

The menu itself offers a wide variety of choices for everyone: traditional pizzas, Calzones, more exotic dishes, and plenty for vegetarians to choose from. Itís a little on the expensive side, but well worth it for the delicious, authentically made dishes. Waiters are friendly and prompt, able to answer any questions and offer good suggestions.

Pacci's Pizzeria is located in Silver Spring, MD.
Pacci's Pizzeria is located in Silver Spring, MD.

If you canít decide what you want, a good choice would be Piattone of Pacci's, a sampler that lets you try multiple different appetizers. The prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe mixes the mild taste of the prosciutto with mild the sweet, fresh taste of the cantaloupe. The bruschetta, a relatively well-known dish, has a little too much garlic, but it goes nicely with the crunchy toast. The Caprese DOP is delicious, with warm creamy mozzarella cheese with perfectly ripe tomatoes. The salmon is delightfully Smokey, and the artichoke is sublime.

The salads are good too, as an appetizers or a main courses. The Pacciís salad has gorgeous presentation, cheese and tomato in an alternating pattern. The light honey balsamic dressing adds flavor without being overpowering. The individual pieces in the salad, of pear, nuts and dried cranberries are large, but it gives the salad a depth and complexity and gives you a different flavor with every bite.

For main courses, you canít go wrong with the classic Margherita pizza. The pizza's consistency is very loose and drippy, so be careful when you take a bite. The combination of simple, time-honored ingredients--tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil--are each strong and go perfectly together, creating a tremendous blend of flavors. Their white pizzas, including the Tartufo, are also excellent. The lack of pizza sauce gives the savory mushroom Tartufo a much more sophisticated and equally fabulous taste. The Vegetariana Calzone is perfect for vegetable-lovers, a complementary mix of piquant produce slathered in cheese. Marinara sauce and parmesan cheese are offered as an option, both of which only add to the experience.

As fantastic as the main courses are, not everything could be perfect. The desserts were a bit of a let-down, especially the unlisted Chocolate Fondant cake: served with a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream, it is a disappointingly dry chocolate cake without enough chocolate flavor to make it really good. On the other hand, there is the less traditional Nutelloco dessert pizza, which more than makes up for the chocolate cake. It is truly ineffable, with a toasty crust and warm, velvety nutella on top. Itís worth it to spring for the strawberries on top, it adds a light sweetness that makes it all come together.

Despite its relatively unobtrusive appearance and unassuming location, Pacciís food is distinctively delicious. Combined with their cozy atmosphere and excellent functionality, a meal at Pacciís makes for a delightful evening.

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