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Dec. 13, 2013

LoveSCOpe: Crepes can't create chemistry

by Zoe Johnson, Online Editor-in-Chief, Martha Morganstein, Online News Editor and Sarah Trunk, Staff Writer
Welcome to the second edition of LoveSCOpe! We set up Blazers on free blind dates and see what comes out of it. Dates will be published every month. Click here to apply.

Junior Sam Merrill and sophomore Eva Bogino seemed like a great match. Both described themselves as quirky, entertaining and outgoing in their applications. Each seemed to have a knack for creativity as well: Eva put 'stage crew' as her main hobby, while Sam listed 'building things' as one of his favorite activities.

Sophomore Eva Bogino and junior Sam Merrill bonded over crepes. Courtesy of Eva Bogino
Sophomore Eva Bogino and junior Sam Merrill bonded over crepes.
Personality wise, Sam believes that his best friend would describe him as "funny and friendly," while Eva wrote that her best friend would describe her as a "fun-loving golden retriever. " Sam and Eva both stated that friends and family were very important to them. And since Eva wrote that she'd prefer eating at a café, we sent them to the Fenton St. Café in downtown Silver Spring.

The date

SAM: "Before the date, I wasn't nervous. I was feeling pretty confident that I was going to find my match. I got there really late because the bus never came so I felt kind of bad."

EVA: "I was a little bit nervous because he took a really long time to get there. He was there like maybe 30 minutes late."

SAM: "I didn't know who it was going in, but then I realized I did know her. She is in one of my classes and we're kind of friends. I was like, Hey, I know that person!"

EVA: "Yeah, he and I have BNC together. I had seen him before, and we had talked together, but I had never, like, spoken to him one on one or anything like that. I was like, Oh, I know who he is, it's okay, this is chill, we're fine, no biggie."

SAM: "She was sitting there, waiting for me. We said hey, but we didn't hug or anything."

EVA: "We got up and got crepes and sat down. I had a Nutella crepe with strawberries."

SAM: "I had a banana crepe. The food was good. I like the place."

Sophomore Eva Bogino and junior Sam Merrill post up on their date. Courtesy of Eva Bogino
Sophomore Eva Bogino and junior Sam Merrill post up on their date.

EVA: "We talked about school things, assassins, Christmas gifts…stuff like that."

SAM: "We talked about school—classes, teachers, CAP…"

How it went

EVA: "It was very awkward. I don't know, I can't really describe it. We didn't know each other that well so it wasn't like we were really good friends, but we weren't strangers, it was just that kind of awkward in between."

SAM: "The date was pretty awkward. There wasn't any chemistry."

EVA: "At the end, we walked out of the crepe place, and he walked me down the street. I was walking to Joe's Record Paradise and he said he had to catch his bus so when we got to Dale's Music Place we split ways."

SAM: "The date was all right. I said goodbye and we went our separate ways."

EVA: "I liked the place and everything. It was fun. I had a good time."


Unfortunately, while Eva and Sam enjoyed the date, they agreed that they would probably not be going out again. That's too bad! Tune in next time to see how the third LoveSCOpe date goes!

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  • youngstown homie on December 13, 2013 at 11:58 PM
    lol it didnt seem like they enjoyed the date...
  • anonymous on December 14, 2013 at 4:29 PM
    idk, but the title jumped out at me as "creeps can't create chemistry"... xD

    did anyone else have the same reaction?
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