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Jan. 26, 2015

SCO snoWatch: January 26, 2015 (take two)

by Brian Le, Online News Editor
Chance of at least a delay: between 40% and 72.1%
Chance of a snow day: 26%

As we huddle in our makeshift dugout struggling to defend ourselves from the elements, please rest assured that we will continue to track this historic storm for you. We have not given up hope, we are fine thank you for your prayers.
Just kidding. That was the lamest storm that we have ever snoWatch-ed.

Luckily for us, there's more snow tonight! This snowstorm is currently undergoing massive and terrifying pubertal changes off the coast of New Jersey and some of the outer bands could hit us, giving us a couple more inches. Unfortunately, it's sort of a hit-or-miss thing the bands could also very well miss us, which would make tomorrow the fourteenth disappointment this winter.

If you look at this radar snapshot though, things look promising. Don't worry if it looks like a subpar painting by Pablo Picasso we are experts here at SCO, and we have decoded all the colors for you. According to our exclusive textbooks, blue is snow and green is rain. (We don't have sufficient knowledge to decipher the meaning of pink yet.) That arrow is Blair and as we speak, it's getting smothered by the blue. If this continues throughout the night, our chances for a delay or snow day may go up.
Look out your window at all that blue snow, Maryland! Courtesy of the Weather Channel
Look out your window at all that blue snow, Maryland!

If you check The Weather Channel, it looks like we're in the midst of an apocalypse. They've even named this thing "Winter Storm Juno" did Juno that? Sadly for us, The Weather Channel is most likely just being their over-dramatic selves again. (Although if you're anywhere from Philadelphia to Boston, this storm could actually be really serious. Stay safe.)
So, Blazers, unless a) we're hit by a strong band of snow or b) MCPS finally grows a heart, it looks like we may have to trudge our way back to school tomorrow. But with still over a month left, there's bound to be some more exciting snoWatches stay tuned.

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