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Nov. 15, 2015

Girl Scout cookies will cost more next year

by Randima Herath, Online Editor-in-Chief
Yes, you heard right. Girl Scout cookies are going to cost more in some parts of the U.S. next year. But don't worry too much - it's only an increase of $1 per box and it's not happening here.

The Girl Scouts of America are made up of 112 councils, each of which has the power to set its own prices. Each council covers a large portion of a state or geographic region, overlooking troops. So far, the Eastern Massachusetts group and at least two others in California have decided to sell a box of cookies for $5 each. The average price for cookies is about $4 per box. In the past, only a small number of councils have increased prices.

According to the chief marketing officer of the Eastern Massachusetts group, the number one factor for the price increase was feedback from adult volunteers. The adult volunteers, usually consisting of parents of Girl Scouts, stated that while girls had fun selling cookies, they weren't profiting enough. Other factors used in determining prices are ingredients, market size and shipping costs.

While the price increase has caused dramatic responses from some, we Marylanders don't have to worry. Prices here are a steady $4 per box, with an exception for Gluten free Trios, which are $5 per box. In fact, Girl Scouts in Eastern Massachusetts and California shouldn't worry about their decision. They will still be able to profit because of the social pressure to do the right thing - it's almost impossible to say no to little girl scouts selling cookies for their own cause. Besides, it's also unlikely that buyers will remember what they paid last year, since cookies are sold only annually. Additionally, about 70 percent of the proceeds go to the councils and troops, while the rest go to the bakery where the cookies are made.

And let's not forget that most consumers would say that the cookies are worth the price. From Thin Mints to Caramel Delights, there's no doubt that they're delectable. Next year, it will be even easier to satiate your cravings as consumers can now preorder or order cookies online and have them shipped to their houses. Official sales will begin in February; so for those who will need help locating a booth nearby, you can use the cookie finder here.

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