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Feb. 5, 2018

The Bachelor Week 5 recap and Week 6 predictions

by Emma Markus, Staff Writer, Eleanor Williams, , Noah Stern, Sports Editor, Rebecca Wessel, Editor-in-Chief, Eric Feigen, Staff Writer and Sneha Ojha, Tech and Blogs Editor
Recaps written by Emma Markus and Rebecca Wessel

This week on The Bachelor, the cast headed to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chelsea goes on the coveted one-on-one date. Arie brings her on a yacht, to which Chelsea exclaims cheesily, "I'm on a dreamboat with a dreamboat!" Back in the hotel Maquel returns from her grandfather's funeral. The women then go out to the balcony of their hotel room to find a conveniently placed telescope which they then use to spy on Arie and Chelsea as make out on a jet ski. At dinner, Arie learns more about Chelsea's past, including that her previous husband, the father of her child, left her for another woman when her son was only six months old. Chelsea has a maturity that most of the other women have not developed yet.

The group date takes place at a bowling alley. The women are asked to divide themselves into two teams and told that whichever team wins will get to go to the cocktail party, while the losers will have to go back to the hotel. When Krystal's team wins, she rubs it in everyone's faces. Arie then announces that he has changed his mind and would like the losing ladies to come to the cocktail party too because he feels badly. Krystal is livid and goes on a rant to the other women about how Arie is a liar on the way back to the hotel. She is decides not to go to the cocktail party because the losers will be there too. The other women are like, "fine, none of us like you anyways," and leave.
The pink team cheers each other on during the bowling group date. Courtesy of MovieBoozer
The pink team cheers each other on during the bowling group date.

When Arie asks where Krystal is, the women reveal the nasty things Krystal has been saying about Arie behind his back. Arie goes upstairs to the women's suite to find Krystal, who has been sulking like a bratty child in her room. Arie lets her know that he's unhappy with her and leaves. Krystal, realizing her plan to make Arie chase after her has backfired, heads down to the cocktail party just as Bekah finishes leading a prayer circle in Krystal's honor. "May Krystal find the inner peace she thinks she has," Bekah says as she sits hand in hand with the other contestants. Amen. The other women try to talk to Krystal in order to work out their issues but her, but Krystal is too upset by their "attacks" and decides to go back upstairs. Krystalís actions frustrate Lauren, who decides to leave the group and go talk to Arie. Lauren uses her time with Arie at the cocktail party to play "Twenty Questions." I'm sorry, but is she in middle school?

Tia gets the second one-on-one date and they go for a boat ride in the swamp to a rickety country house. Tia bonds with the boat driver over being southern and admits she's done the deed of frogging: stabbing frogs in ditches on the side of the road with a pitchfork. At dinner she reveals that she's falling for Arie, to which he responds, "I know," and gives her the rose.

At the rose ceremony, before Arie gives out roses, Krystal dramatically asks to speak to Arie away from the others. Surprise, surprise. In the end, Arie decides to keep Krystal on the show, and Ashley, Maquel and Marikh are sent home.

Scoreboard of Last Week's Correct Predictions:
Sneha and Eric

The Bachelor Week Six Predictions

Remaining Women
Becca, Bekah, Chelsea, Jacqueline, Jenna, Kendall, Krystal, Lauren, Seinne, Tia

Beccaís Picks for Week Six
Jacqueline, Jenna, Krystal

Jacqueline was chosen for the one-on-one, and her nervous energy is whatís going to to set Arie off. Instead of focusing on the date and getting to know him, Jacqueline is going to be too worried about comparing her relationship with Arie to the other girls. Next to go is Jenna. I canít tell if she's always drunk or if itís just her personality, but either way I think Arie is looking for a little more substance than tipsy giggles 24/7. I was shocked when Krystal was not sent home last week, but the fact that sheís on the two-on-one date next week shows Arie is already having doubts. Despite what she may think, Krystal is not wife material and she will be sent home this week.

Eric's Picks for Week Six
Jenna, Krystal, Becca K.

Jennaís behavior last episode violates one of the principle rules that lead to Bachelor success: donít get drunk or else youíll flunk. This makes her elimination pretty much guaranteed. Meanwhile, itís a miracle that Krystal has made it this far into the season. While her fake and superficial personality has been somewhat entertaining, I just donít see why Arie would want to keep her around, sheís not wife material. Becca K. is as quiet as a Vikings fan after last week. Arie hasnít got to know her and unless she breaks out of her shell, I think there's a high probability that sheíll be heading home.

Ellieís Picks for Week Six
Krystal, Jenna, Jacqueline

I think these three should be packing their bags after week six. Jennaís drunken behavior is entertaining but she doesnít seem to connect with Arie on an emotional level. Jacqueline seems very genuine, but also hasnít progressed as far as many of the other girls, and it doesnít look like sheíll be getting a one-on-one in Paris. If Arie has any sense whatsoever, heíll get rid of hurricane Krystal this week as more relationships heat up and she becomes more unhinged.

Emmaís Picks for Week Six
Krystal, Jenna, Jacqueline

This week Krystal and Kendall will face off on a double date with Arie. Only one can stay and I think Krystal's fake, sickly sweet personality will really become evident when juxtaposed with Kendall's genuine one. Neither Jenna nor Jacqueline are standouts. Also, Jenna was acting really over-the-top in order to get Arie's attention on the bowling group date. The desperation was not a good look for her. Both women should be heading home this week.

Sneha's Picks for Week Six
Jacqueline, Krystal, Jenna

While I may have misjudged last week, I still believe that Jenna is going home. We're coming down to the final few ladies, and Jenna just doesn't fit in with them. She isn't as charming as Bekah or as lovable as Kendall (and yes, I do love Kendall despite her creepy taxidermy obsession). It's Jennaís time to go. Krystal is a ticking time bomb. Let's be real, do you really think she's going to marry Arie in the end? In last episode, Krystal and Arie were fighting over the bowling incident. Arie is starting to use his head for once and is finally seeing Krystal for the condescending person that she is. While Krystal may believe that the fights between them are just their "first fights as a couple," I believe it could be their last. I also believe Jacqueline is going home. She just bores me. I've been trying to send her home since week three. Please Jacqueline, just leave.

Noah's Picks for Week Five
Becca K., Jacqueline, Krystal

I can't believe Krystal has survived this long. She has been rude and annoying to everyone in the house, even Arie. Arie is just as stupid for keeping her on for this long. Becca K. has not been very present for the past few weeks and has not had a lot of time with Arie. She was almost as quiet as Ashley was last week, which is why she's going home. Jacqueline is the new Ashley. She is a quiet woman who Arie has kept around because she's attractive. Yes, Arie was sweet talking her, but that doesn't matter. Jaqueline is the odd woman out at this point. These three will be the ones to go after this week.

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