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April 22, 2003

Bush prepares for 2004

by Nora Toiv, Page Editor
President Bush and his team are gearing up for the 2004 election and in doing so decided to move the Republican National Convention to September 2004, according to the New York Times.

The convention is to be held in New York on September 2 so that the date will be closer to the third anniversary of September 11th. This will be the latest convention since the party was founded and leave little time before the election but Bush’s advisers say that it will enhance his fundraising abilities.

The strategy is to focus on Bush’s role in the war on terrorism and national security. “Al Qaeda is still out there. The security and national security issue is going to remain very, very strong," said a Bush advisor as reported by the Times.

Television ads for his reelection should begin around next spring when the Democratic candidate will probably have been chosen but weakened in terms of money after the primaries. Bush’s advisers said that they may spend as much as $200 million on the election which will be twice as much as his first campaign.

Karl Rove, Bush’s chief advisor has been studying the history of campaigns as to not repeat other candidate’s mistakes. Bush’s travel schedule has reflected the upcoming election as he has traveled such important states as Missouri and Ohio.

All of the preparation for 2004 have been taking place behind the scenes and Bush himself has been fairly uninvolved. The Republican National Committee has already been delving into the backgrounds of all of Bush’s potential opponents to discredit them. The Democratic candidate should probably emerge from the pack around March 2004.

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  • Biased on May 10, 2003
    Hmmm, can anyone else see the blatant bias against Bush in this article?
  • The Lonley Little Hobo on September 24, 2003
    yes!I see definent bias! with due reason! Bush is an idiot. thats that. someon who cannot even say nuclear does not belong in the white house. on many occaisions he sez nucular.Bush has a one track mind, Iraq's oil. he wants it so we dont have to buy from saudi arabia. we wont have to do what they want. Bush is simply a low I.Q. moron. thank you.
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