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Sept. 4, 2003

Locker distribution delayed by shortage

by Kathy Wang, Page Editor
The increase in student enrollment may lead to a potential shortage of over 400 lockers, said Business Manager Anne Alban. The current Blair population of 3,500 is more than 400 students above the school's capacity.

The locker shortage has led to a delay in locker distribution. The earliest lockers will be distributed is sometime next week, Alban estimated.

Due to the shortage, seniors were given the option of sharing lockers for the second straight year. Last week, seniors who wanted lockers had to fill out a form that stated whether they would like to share, keep their own, or give up a locker. Alban believed that these options would help ease the locker shortage. "Many seniors are willing to share lockers because they are located on the first floor," she explained.

Sharing lockers, although an inconvenience, could make enough lockers available so that all students would receive one. According to Alban, if students continue to cooperate by sharing or giving up lockers, everyone will receive a locker.

Alban advised students to share only with a trusted friend. "We make the [locker sharing] forms very secure so that we can maintain locker safety," Alban said. "Still, it is the student's responsibility to pick a trust-worthy person to share a locker with."

Many students have felt uncomfortable carrying their books and other school materials between classes. Senior Faith Bowier described not having a locker as "very annoying. I already have three books and there is no where for me to put them." Not having a locker could also mean losing books more easily. "They shouldn't charge us for a lost textbook if we have nowhere to put them," she said.

During the 2002 school year, there was a shortage of 300 lockers. "We are not worried about the locker shortage," Alban said. "We solved the issue last year and this year isn't much different."

Blair's enrollment is projected to decrease when Northwood reopens in 2004. Only ninth graders who would normally attend Blair will transfer to Northwood. "We see the number of enrollment decreasing," Alban says, "which will mean enough lockers for all students in 2004."

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  • junior on September 4, 2003
    so when do juniors get lockers??
  • junior on September 4, 2003
    my lockers over the past 2 years haven't worked, and i know a lot of other people who haven't had working lockers.
  • class of 2003 on September 5, 2003
    here we go again wuz up with the locker shortages
  • Graduated on September 5, 2003
    Faith Bowier should stop her whinning because last year the seniors didn't get their lockers till a week after the underclassman had theres...WELCOME TO THE LIFE OF A SENIOR AT BLAIR.
  • Anarchist on September 6, 2003
    Question: You are held legally responsible for anything found in your locker. If you share your locker, and your partner puts something illegal in it, couldn't you go to jail/get fined/get in trouble with the police?
  • Anarchist on September 6, 2003
    If I don't get a locker, I'll be suing the school when I'm forty. My bad back will be the fault of Ms. Alban, Mr. Gainous, and chiefly the architect of the building and MCPS. Shame on you! Cursing the next generation with potentially debilitating back problems.
  • Anarchist on September 8, 2003
    go lockers
  • Kathy Wang on September 8, 2003
    I talked to Ms. Alban today (9/8/03), and she said, "I will try to get the junior lockers distributed in the morning." I will try to get more information up soon.
  • Katie (View Email) on September 8, 2003
    Solved the issue last year? Excuse me, ex-junior here who didnt get one. Is that how they solve it? Just not giving them out?
  • Anarchist on September 8, 2003
  • Anarchist on September 9, 2003
    What kind of idiot would spend time going around on the Internet and taking people's fake names?
  • class of 03 on September 11, 2003
    who cares is just a locker its not a big deal before you know it you guys will have one
  • Anne Alban (View Email) on November 6, 2004
    How can i contact Ms. Anne Alban? Out of curiosity... We have the same name, I'm from the Philippines.Tnx
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