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Oct. 1, 2004

Get "Lost"

by Grace Harter, Page Editor
ABC's new drama "Lost" has all of the ingredients of a thrilling show. It comes complete with an amazing cast, frightening special effects and a fresh premise that sets it apart from all the other shows on television. It is one of the few adventure shows on television, and an excellent one at that. "Lost" is sure to capture the attention of those ready for some fun and adventure.

The premiere of "Lost" captures the viewer's attention in the first five seconds. Jack (Matthew Fox from "Party of Five") awakes, confused and bleeding heavily in the center of a forest. He emerges from the jungle to a beach with pieces of an airplane everywhere and dozens of people running around in a panic. Jack, who happens to be a doctor, starts to take charge and care for the wounded, enlisting the help of the beautiful and tough Kate (Evangeline Lilly). It soon becomes clear they are all survivors of a huge plane wreck. Both the tail and the cockpit are missing, while the middle of the plane lies in smoldering wreckage all over the beach.

As the show continues, the few remaining survivors left have to deal with the loss of their loved ones and also the increasingly scary prospect that no help is coming. Jack becomes the clear leader of the group, insisting that they travel to the missing cockpit to find a radio to reach help. Kate volunteers to help him, as well as Charlie (Dominic Monaghan from "Lord of the Rings"), the goofball of the group who has, among other things, genius comedic timing and a British accent.

The show clearly isn't afraid of being a little fanciful. Early on, a carnivorous beast that causes treetops to sway in its wake is introduced. The first thing that comes to mind is the tyrannosaurus rex scene from "Jurassic Park." Hopefully, the characters in this show will fare better than some of the people in that movie. Unfortunately, the creature isn't seen at all during the premiere, but the gory mauling of one of the characters is enough to incite a little anxiety when those pounding footsteps (enough to shake the ground) are heard.

"Lost" recalls a time before audiences were constantly assaulted by reality shows and countless medical dramas. It pays homage to old shows and movies about groups of survivors who were trying to either escape or make new lives for themselves on a deserted island. Maybe this is why it is so refreshing; it's not that the concept hasn't been done before, but that it hasn't been done recently and not to this extent. Most shows on TV are either legal drama spin-offs, like Law and Order and the numerous shows it has spawned, or reality shows like "Fear Factor," full of "real" people willing to humiliate themselves in front of thousands of viewers. "Lost" introduces some good, old-fashioned fun and adventure.

The hysteria and the panic experienced by the victims of the plane crash is portrayed perfectly on screen. The realism is so extreme here that it might make those who plan to fly soon a little uneasy. In one amazing scene, the tale of the plane is ripped off and dozens of passengers are sucked from their seats into the sky. However, the camera movements during the crash are jittery and shaky, making it a little difficult to see what's going on. The director was obviously trying to make the audience feel like they are inside the plane while it's crashing, but the effect doesn't come off very well.

In upcoming episodes of "Lost," look for more plot twists and creepy revelations about the island the survivors are staying on. They also must deal with a dwindling food supply and tension between members of the group.

All in all, "Lost" is an excellently crafted show. The creepy overtones and dramatic special effects draw viewers to the TV. The drama provides an escape for those tired of the usual sitcoms, legal dramas and reality shows that barrage the American audience. It's time for some adventure!

"Lost" airs on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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  • Michael Bushnell (View Email) on October 3, 2004
    I liked it, but this seems like more of a movie premise. I dont know how they will be able to fill 22 episodes of this.
  • Rachel (View Email) on October 3, 2004
    May I say that I am in love with Dominic Monaghan. I LOVE YOU!!! Your role is awesome. I'll keep watching for you babe!
  • tereza (View Email) on October 12, 2004
    hello dominic i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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