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Oct. 6, 2004

Third tie of the season

by Diana Frey, Page Editor
OCT. 6, Blair-

The soccer ball is played in front of the goal to an open player who turns out either to be off sides or is unable to control the ball. This scenario occurred throughout the game resulting in a 0-0 tie against Watkins Mill for the Blair girl’s JV soccer team, making their record 2-3-1 this season.

As soon as the clock started, it was obvious that the two teams were evenly matched. The game was also very physical as the referees, who never failed to catch an off sides call, were unconcerned with the blatant pushing. Still, Blair had more possession than Watkins Mill in the first half, which resulted in many shots on goal. However, the shots were not hard enough to get past Watkins Mill's goalie.

Sophomore Elizabeth distributed the ball well setting up her teammates and switching the field but the team was unable to take advantage of her passes and converted them into goals. Freshman Ixchel Montenegro played a strong game on defense with numerous clears and good ball handling skills.

By the second half of the game, both teams looked sloppy instead of renewed. The game turned into ping-pong with no control over the ball. Blair did a good job of getting the ball down field, however the ball continued to be kicked around in front of the goal with no intensity to actually score. The game became very slow as players watched the ball instead of going to it.

Sophomore Dalilah Bracamontes says that communication was one of the major issues on the field. "We weren't doing enough talking," she says.

The JV team is currently suffering through many injuries making the season more challenging. Head coach Summer Roark says that missing a couple players really hurt the team. "They're dropping like flies," sighs Roark.

Injuries from both teams, resulted in delaying the game and by the time overtime had begun neither team looked very intent on winning. Blair took a considerably greater number of shots on goal, but even this was not enough to win the game. The game stayed tied 0-0 even after double overtime.

JV's next game is against Gaithersburg at Blair on Tues. Oct 12 at 3:30 pm.

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  • s on October 11, 2004
    wow prepare to loose with now 2 players missing
  • ? on November 1, 2004
    yay Ixchel!
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