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Oct. 7, 2004

Shark Tale tells a bad story

by Diana Frey, Page Editor
The movie theater is filled with children tentatively and restlessly waiting for Shark Tale to begin. The theater gets dark, and hundreds of shh's can be heard. The kids are ready for their movie, but too bad that this brilliantly animated movie was not made for children. Shark Tale was not really made for anyone, for that matter, because it fails to entertain any audience.

Even the talents of Will Smith (Oscar), Renee Zellweger (Angie), Angelina Jolie (Lola), Martin Scorsese (Sykes), Jack Black (Lenny) and Robert De Niro (Lino) could not make up for the disgustingly typical plot. Two fish are in love, and one becomes famous and forgets who he really is because superficial things distract him. Finally, some bad guys are thrown in with their moronic sidekicks as extra distractions for the main characters.

Though the animation draws kids to this movie, its content is not child-appropriate. A movie for children should not have adult problems, which are still not funny just because fish are made to look "sexy" or "ugly" with human smiles and eye shadow.

The children in the audience sit in utter silence as words flash across the screen such as "Jessica Shrimpson" and "Cod Stewart." "Maybe I can be a fish slayer and they'll never see it coming," says Lenny the Shark. Most sharks eat fish, but Lenny happens to be a vegetarian. This line, which is about the funniest in the movie, did not even get a giggle from the kids, who only found shark farts and shouting amusing.

For a more mature audience, this movie was still too predictable to be funny. Director Vicky Jenson, who made her debut with the well-known and profitable movie Shrek, did not find the same success with Shark Tale.

However, this movie did do a good job satirizing today's society with fish versions of MTV cribs, GAP, sushi bars, horse races and Krispy Kreme donuts. When Oscar becomes famous, he performs in commercials and is put on billboards as a popular star engaging in endorsements. Lola, the seductive fish, likes Oscar for his money alone. Shark Tale even has "rasta" jellyfish and a mafia of sharks, just what every community needs. All of the food products, media and money in this underwater world are sadly exactly what a lot of our society lives for.

By the end of the movie, this terrible drama of sea animals made a child start crying. The family of sharks in the mafia was fighting, and apparently, it looked so real, that the kid couldn't handle it. Congratulations DreamWorks, your scary sharks look real.

In the ending scene, the car wash that cleans whales and all the barnacles that go along with them give the finishing touches of lame flavor to this movie. Of course, the car wash theme song is playing while fish looking like Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot are singing. After seeing some of today's stars as fish, one can be thankful to go home.

Shark Tale is rated PG for some mild language and crude humor. Running Time: 90 minutes

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  • *LaLa* on October 7, 2004
    Thats i take it you didnt like the movie?! haha....personally i found the movie quite funny and I enjoyed it. OH, and the theatre i was in was filled with lots of kids and parents and they all found the movie hilarious. It was almost annoying how much they were laughing. The only crying i heard was from 5 month olds who had no business coming to the movies anyway. But it was all good. The humor did however seem a little bit older and not necessarily directed toward a kid audience...but it was funny. IT may be a stretch to say the fish were made to look sexy....the "seductive" fish in the movie was just supposed to look real pretty and appealing, thats it. But yeah....i liked it ; )
  • A on October 7, 2004
    well-done diana, I haven't seen the movie but I still found the review very entertaining.
  • '690 on October 10, 2004
    When Leno accepted Lennie's vegetarianism, you could practically hear the "Ahem-Dick Cheney-ahem ahem"s going around. If only Cheney would take this thing to heart, embrace his gay daughter.
  • mb junior on October 10, 2004
    Wow, scathing. But yet, very, very good.
  • Amanda (View Email) on October 12, 2004
    are you stupid? shark tale was a very funny movie. i enjoyed it alot and you obviously have no sense of humor. do you really think so many big stars would particapate in a bad film? no! they thought it was a good film as well as myself and everyone i know who has seen it. everyone i know believe this movie was better than finding nemo. so i dont know what you have against this film but you need to see the real reaction of the people before you call this film a dud!
  • Take a look on October 12, 2004
    Though I don't agree with this review, because I for one found the movie entertaining, it is very well written. A far better review then the other about this same movie. I also find it interesting that neither reviewer of this film is African American, despite the fact that Sharktale is aimed at that audience. While in the theater, I enjoyed the film but found that the African Americans in the theater enjoyed twice it as much as I. Poses or jokes that I chuckled at got loud laughs from others. If you want a target audience, you have one.
  • Michael Bushnell (View Email) on October 14, 2004
    Take a look, the movie had animated fish. I could understand if you were talking about "Cookout" or the farce that was "Soul Plane," but "Shark Tale" doesn't strike me in that same way. I got the jokes, but I don't think they were posed at a specifically African-American audience. THe movie had animated fish.
  • good job on November 25, 2004
    THIS MOVIE SUCKED!!!!!!!! good review!
  • Quanisha (View Email) on December 8, 2004
    ok get ova it, its not real that was a good movie and who aked u for your opinion
  • poolhead (View Email) on December 10, 2004
    I think that if you peole have enough time on your handsto watch movies and then argue with other peole about it, then you need to get a life.

    P.S. You people need to learn about a little thing called GRAMMER.
  • audiohominis (View Email) on March 14, 2005 at 9:26 PM
    I ran into this review by Googling for keywords "Sharktale Sucked" because I was wondering if anyone else was as terribly disappointed as I was. The most pathetic thing about the movie was the music. It's crap, but hey, current pop culture can help push the movie, right? At least that's what the producers were apparently counting on. For shame!
    Nevertheless, I couldn't completely agree with the 3rd paragraph of the review.
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