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Oct. 18, 2004

Alvik performs at Blair

by Varun Gulati, Page Editor
Alvik, a band led by Blair graduate Andrea Stuart, class of 1997, played in the auditorium during both lunches today, Oct. 18. The group hoped to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Playing on behalf of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, a non-membership organization, Alvik is on a one month tour of the East Coast that has been partially funded by Andrea's parents. The band notified media productions teachers Shay Taylor and Dolores D'Angelo, who organized the Blair event. This was the first time Alvik played for a school.

MS, an autoimmune nerve degenerative disease, breaks the myelin coating on nerves, causing nerve signals to be muffled, slowed or halted. The myelin leaves scar tissue, or sclerosis, hence the name MS. Last year, Stuart was diagnosed with relaxing-remitting optic neuritis, a type of MS where the optic nerves become inflamed. She has trouble seeing through her left eye but still sees the bright side of the situation. "[My left eye] is a bit blurry, a bit gray, but it could be a lot worse," said Stuart.

Stuart hoped that students who viewed the performance understood that she tried to communicate a message of confidence. "Whatever you think is in your way, don't let it get you down," she said. "Just do your thing."

Alvik, who released their first album, Breathing Geometry, in April, is a group that combines acoustic and electronic jazz to create "new jazz," according to Stuart. The group, named after a metro station where the bass player lived, is composed of lead singing by Stuart, double bass by Paul Solainger, drums by Jan Krofta, flute by Radim Ondracek and sound mixing by Michal Pajdiak.

Alvik will tour the East Coast in the following locations:

Date City Venue
10.19.04 Philadelphia, PA Zanibar Blue
10.20.04 Philadelphia, PA Zanibar Blue
10.22.04 New York, NY ACME Underground (7 p.m.)
10.22.04 New York, NY Continental (1 a.m.)
10.23.04 Hoboken, NJ The Shannon Lounge
10.24.04 Cambridge, MA Grafton Street
10.27.04 New Market, NH The Stone Church
10.28.04 Cambridge, MA Western Front
10.30.04 Washington, D.C. Café Nema
11.01.04 Baltimore, MD TBA

Students may purchase Breathing Geometry for $15 from Taylor. For more information on MS, visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website. Click here for more information on Alvik.

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  • Alex Gold (View Email) on October 19, 2004
    Dr. D'angelo is the CAP coordinator and an english teacher, not a media productions teacher
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