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Oct. 22, 2004

Fire drill cuts sixth period short

by Varun Gulati, Page Editor
Blair's first planned school-wide fire drill interrupted sixth period today, Oct. 22 at 1:46 p.m.

Before the drill, Principal Philip Gainous announced the need for students to cooperate and remain diligent to ensure everyone's safety.

The building was evacuated in six minutes and 15 seconds. Students crowded shoulder-to-shoulder around the football stadium's side entrance to squeeze through the gate, and everyone was in the stadium in 10 minutes and 13 seconds, according to Safety Committee sponsor Mark Curran. Last year, Curran said that 10 percent of students were marked absent from the drills.

The fire drill was postponed twice this week due to adverse weather conditions, according to Gainous' secretary Cherrie Avery. Even though the field was still wet, Blair had to proceed with plans. "We have got to get [the fire drill] done," said Avery. MCPS requires schools to have at least 10 fire drills per school year.

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  • / on October 23, 2004
    You sure? I thought it was more like 10 min. 14 sec.
  • only 10?! on October 23, 2004
    we should have one once a week! =)
  • Frederick Esch (View Email) on October 23, 2004
    Earlier this year we had an 8th period fire drill. How can this prepare us for a real fire? Fire drills are important because they identify bottlenecks in students' exiting the building, but during 8th period the building will have less than half the people as during the school year, and students' distribution through the school is different, so some bottlenecks will not appear. Also, the only code blue/code red drill so far this year was on the first day of the school year, when only freshmen were at school. These drills are being put in times when the building is not full so that school instruction time is not interrupted, but isn't it important to make sure the drills make the school safer, and meet their objectives? At least this drill, during school, was a step in the right direction.
  • beza (View Email) on October 23, 2004
    oh god i hate fire drills u guys have no idea how much i hate fire drill
  • m on October 23, 2004
    we should have it more just to make sure we can b safe=)
  • zizz on October 24, 2004
    good job varun
  • bean on October 25, 2004
    last year i got in trouble for missing the fire drills and had to go to some stupid assembly and i was at all the fire drills
  • laziness on October 26, 2004
    i heard that the school is required to do a certain amount of fire drills each semster, and they do some during 8th period to avoid the hassle of getting the whole school out.
  • BORING! on October 26, 2004
    Do we really need a silver chips article for a fire drill?
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