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Nov. 18, 2004

Post-election sideshow

by Isamu Bae, Page Editor and Alex Mazerov, Page Editor
For our readers' convenience and entertainment, Silver Chips Online has compiled several maps of the American political landscape.

Since the election, newly configured maps of the divided American electorate have been making rounds on the Internet. Despondent Democrats sick of looking at the original electoral map dominated by red ink can find some solace in the cartographic works of art created by a team of physicists at the University of Michigan.

In the cartogram below, the states have been rescaled according to population. States are drawn with a size proportional to their number of inhabitants, not to their land size. As a result, states with more people appear larger than states with fewer people. Rhode Island, for example, which has a population of 1.1 million, is about twice the size of Wyoming, which has a population of around half a million.

More maps can be found here.

These maps compare the results of the 2004 presidential election with the pre-Civil War divide between the free states and the slave states. Free states are shown in green, slave states are shown in red and territories open to slavery are shown in brown.


The map below shows average income for each state.

Data found here.

The map below shows the average IQ for each state, as estimated from SAT and ACT scores.

The New York Times recently ran a story on divorce rates for each state. It can be found here.

To suggest additional vote correlations for Silver Chips Online to investigate, please submit a comment.

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  • Lil John on November 18, 2004
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is this doing under "opinions?"
  • Let's Move! on November 19, 2004
    Let's all move to the United States of Canada, and let the Republicans keep their Jesusland.
  • Anonymously Liberal on November 19, 2004
    High-income tax-cut people voted for Kerry! SMART PEOPLE VOTED FOR KERRY! Except the Midwest, but they're just weird.
  • hmm... on November 20, 2004
    Did it ever occur to you "Anonymous," that the "weird" people in the midwest benefit from Bush's tax cuts as well, or that the high income tac-cut people would have benefited from the unprecedented beuracratic expansion recommended by Senator Kerry?
  • Anonymously Liberal (View Email) on November 21, 2004
    Yes. It did. But, of course, SCO's Income Map appears to disagree with you on the Midwest.

    Bushies, one final note--Claiming tax cuts are good? When Clinton increased taxes on the rich, we went through the biggest economic expansion in history. Eat My Shorts.
  • hmm... on November 22, 2004
    WE had the biggest economic expansion in history...meanwhile the markets collapsed in the rest of the world, facilitating the single largest collapse of U.S. stock indeces in history INCLUDING the great depression. And this happened in 2000, before Clinton left office.

    So nice try. Next time, do your homework.
  • Anonymously Liberal on November 25, 2004
    I did my homework. When did the markets collapse? I can't recall this.
  • hmm... on November 27, 2004
    The NASDAQ composite hit its height in mid-2000, then proceeded to plumett until the Bush Administration's started implimenting soe damage control (aka corperate tax cuts and cuts to taxes on capitol gains).

    By that point, however, the Asian markets were at the tail end of one of the largest market crashes in history. The Nikkie lost over 30,000 points, and the Asian markets as a whole showed an almost 60% decline.

    Sorry you can't recall either event. They're pretty important.
  • HIC on November 27, 2004
    Go George W. Bush, 4 more years suckers, liberals are losers.
  • : on November 27, 2004
    The NASDAQ began its decline in 2000. The Asian markets crashed in the late 90's after about a decade of steady decline.
  • lurker on November 28, 2004
    ooooh. anonymously liberal, "hmm..." just owned you.
  • look on November 29, 2004
    "Smart people voted for Kerry"

    You mean, states that had people with slightly higher SAT scores were more likely to have more people vote for Kerry than Bush. This statistic is pretty useless, expecially since most liberals say that intelligence cannot be measured by tests.
    There's no way around it, there are both smart and stupid people in both parties.
  • Anonymously Liberal on December 3, 2004
    Owned my insert expletive here. Maybe you've been misinformed, but last time I checked, the conservative Armin Rosen had an essay on admitting to Clinton's economic success. Take it up with him.
  • Armin Rosen (View Email) on December 4, 2004
    Admitting? I don't think it was ever really up to debate. Economic success was made during Clinton's presidency.

    Having said that, 1) Clinton didn't have an awful lot to do with it, and 2) Clinton failed to safegaurd the economy against the impending market bubble. But presidents seldom practice preventative fiscal policy, so I suppose the market decline at the end of Clinton's presidency was understandable, and not totally unexpected.

    Overall, Clinton's lasting legacy, economic and otherwise, will probably be globalization. NAFTA was a Reagan and Bush policy, but Clinton's initiative in finalizing the agreement was, in my opinion, his most significant success.
  • Stupid Liberals (View Email) on December 9, 2004
    42% of people (ages 18-21) are registered to vote. These are the people taking the sat's and act's. and of that 42 percent only about 32 percent cast ballots. This means 13.5 percent of people who took the sat's and act's voted. This includes ages 18-21 however, when typically 18 and 19 year olds take these tests, that cuts that number in half. So now we base a whole state on its 6.75% of the population. That is really smart to correlate those two things, because yes 6.75 percent is an overwhelming majority. Well as it turns out about 10% of people are gay, more than 6.75 so we say that everyone in america is gay? Hell no, the data is so skewed it makes no sense, to have any relationship between them, you would have to get every single persons iq and who they voted for. Do that and i will agree with the data.
  • umm... on January 29, 2005 at 11:05 PM
    How is Clinton responsible for the economic crash in Asia during the ninties?
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