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Aug. 22, 2005

Red Rock Canyon Grill is a meat lover's heaven

by Diana Frey, Page Editor
As Silver Sprung continues to grow in popularity, regular visitors on the social scene might need some new stimulation for their taste buds. If this is the case, then the newly (as of August 1) opened Red Rock Canyon Grill is the place to visit. The menu, consisting primarily of American food, is moderately priced with dishes ranging from around $5 to about $27; but it is a definite step up from some of the surrounding fast food chains.

Red Rock Canyon Grill is located close to the intersection of Ellsworth and Georgia Avenue with a noticeable and welcoming fire burning at the entrance. The delightful and homey ambiance is created by the fire carries over into the restaurant. The interior décor boasts homey wood paneling, red booths, dim lighting and bare stone floors. Guests are met promptly by Red Rock's friendly staff, eager to share what makes their grill unique with patrons.

The grill prides itself on serving all food fresh (except for ice cream and beer). All of the grill's waiters and waitresses are dressed in white shirts and dark jeans so they can be easily distinguished and help any table, even if they are not the designated server. Lastly The Red Rock Canyon Grill lives up to its name, owning a $21,000 rotisserie that adds a nice smoky touch to almost every order.

Deciding to order the Rotisserie Chicken Caesar Salad, the meal wait was only a mere 10 minutes. The salad chicken is moist with a mildly spicy flavor that distinguishes it from the boring chicken in every other restaurant's menu. The salad itself is topped with a southwestern blend of corn and other spices, which is a slight disappointment for one expecting a traditional Caesar dressing, but perfect for those in an adventurous mood.

After sampling the Pan-Seared Crabcake Sandwich, it was a delight to find the fresh taste of Maryland Crabs in Silver Spring, MD. If you are in the mood for a more classic dish, the Melodie's Chicken Pot Pie is an excellent choice. All meat lovers have a wide range of choices, which include: burgers, steaks, ribs, meatloaf, salmon and even the local "best catch of the day." If you are a vegetarian, however, Red Rock's menu may not exactly be your cup of tea; there are few pasta and other meat free choices.

To finish off the meal, the tasty dessert menu veers away from common ice cream to some hidden treasures not widely available locally. These include Key Lime Pie, Something Chocolate, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. The grill also offers a wide assortment of beers and wines for adults.

The Red Rock Canyon Grill's class is apparent, but free drink refills and lemons for your water are still free. The cleanliness of the facility is impeccable, and, after the bill is paid, the complimentary mint chocolate sticks are a nice treat. If you are searching for American favorites close to home and great service without putting a dent in your wallet, Red Rock is great choice.

The Red Rock Canyon Grill is located at 928 Ellsworth Drive in Downtown Silver Spring. To contact Red Rock Canyon Grill, call 301-589-1330 or visit their website here .

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  • jo schmo (View Email) on August 26, 2005 at 2:16 PM
    what is $21,000? I went there and everything seemed expensive and the service was slow. Also "the free drink refills are still free"? umm ok
  • free refills on August 28, 2005 at 8:37 PM
    I think the free refills comment makes sense. She is saying that even though it is a high class place. You still get the perks of a mcdonald's or a lower class restaurant such as free drink refills.
    She is trying to say it is the best of both worlds
  • clair on August 30, 2005 at 6:42 PM
    diana is sexy and this is an awesome article
  • // on August 30, 2005 at 8:47 PM
    the vast majority of restaurants in the united states give free refills. its very very common.
  • A L Butler (View Email) on September 11, 2005 at 6:06 PM
    We were very disappointed in what we had at the Red Rock Canyon Grill.

    I had the barbecued beef sandwich and it arrived with a huge piece of fat on it when I opened the sandwich. The string beans that were recommended were too hard (almost raw) although the peppery taste was nice.

    My friend's Monterey Chicken sandwich she said was just OK and she would have preferred the sauce on the side instead of inside the sandwich where it was soaked up by the bread.

    Maybe we should have taken the waitress up on what she recommended which was the rotisserie chicken.

    The wait staff was excellent.

    I will not be able to get my friend to go again so we will not have an opportunity to try the rotisserie chicken.
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