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Jan. 9, 2007

Planning begins for SGA Battle of the Bands

by Priyanka Gokhale, Online Editor-in-Chief
The SGA has begun holding tryouts and making preparations for a Battle of the Bands competition. Senior Nic Lukehart and fellow senior and SGA deputy director of student advocacy, Simon Kanter, initially scheduled the show for Dec. 8, but are considering new dates to hold the event because of scheduling difficulties, Lukehart reported.

After canceling the Dec. 8 show, the SGA pushed back the Battle of the Bands to Jan. 26. But the January date was problematic for some SGA members and band members, so the SGA is currently looking to push it to Feb. 2, though that date is still tentative.

According to Lukehart, the show will feature a number of Blair bands, who will be competing for "first place" among the performers. "As of now, I've asked [AP NSL teacher] Mr. Freeman and [media literacy/English/television teacher] Mr. Goldman and I'm considering a third candidate to judge the show," Lukehart said.

But, Lukeheart noted that the winning band will not receive any formal prize besides "Hey, you won, good job."

SGA President Eric Hysen said that as far as he knows this will be Blair's first-ever Battle of the Bands. This year, the SGA did organize several other talent show-like events including the back-to-school barbeque, diversity showcase and club showcase, but not a rock-charged show like the Battle of the Bands, according to Lukeheart.

So far, four bands have tried out for the show, according to Lukehart. "There were a couple that were just your typical high school bands," he said. "Then there were a couple that were just great; I'm really excited to see them play."

Lukehart added that the Blazers who attend the event will be able to see talent for a relatively low price. "It's great to see talent this close," he said. "I mean, you can go see a band play at the 9:30 club or the Black Cat for 10, 20 dollars, but here we're charging three bucks."

Hysen is also very excited about the Battle of the Bands, which he hopes will be a great success. "I think it'll be great to showcase all the talent we have at Blair as well as have a fun event for Blazers," he said.

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  • - on January 9, 2007 at 5:45 PM
    you know, for 3 dollars admission apiece, the least SGA can do is give a $10 prize or something...
  • 水母。 on January 9, 2007 at 11:30 PM
    I don't think a prize should be given out. I agree with the whole 'pat on the back Good Job' thing. Because sometimes people don't realize to just play for fun. And enjoy what you do.

    Like Seo Taiji sang in his song, 'FM Business', music corrupts these days- greed to make profit, and you don't won't enjoy what you do anymore. It's cool.

    I can't wait, I hope I can come and see this thing.
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