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Sept. 11, 2007

Silver Chic

by Josie Callahan, Online Features Editor and Copy Editor and Brittany Allen, Online Features Editor
Within the realm of the new school dress code, Blazers may find it harder to stay in vogue. A few fashion pioneers, however, have managed to break through the barriers and create fall styles of their own. Silver Chips Online has spotted and reported the hottest trends of the season from Rodeo Drive to Blair Boulevard to help the everyday Blazer dress to impress beyond the first week of school.

Pants perfection
Still in: Don't put last winter's skinny jeans in the back of your closet yet– last year's trend is still very in. Though blue and black skinnys are always a classic, more adventurous shoppers should consider bright and pastel colors.

Pair your super slim jeans with a pair of flats or shiny stilettos. Think brightly colored shoes with dark jeans or muted shades with colorful jeans, so your look is balanced.
<b>Keisha McIlwain's Look:</b>
Heart-print frock shirt: Forever 21, $22.
Skinny jeans: Nordstrom's brand, $89.99
Yellow stilettos: Steve Madden, $79.95
Bracelet: H&M, $4
Necklace: H&M, $12

Josie Callahan
Keisha McIlwain's Look: Heart-print frock shirt: Forever 21, $22. Skinny jeans: Nordstrom's brand, $89.99 Yellow stilettos: Steve Madden, $79.95 Bracelet: H&M, $4 Necklace: H&M, $12

Just in: If skinny jeans aren't up your alley, this year's latest fad is baggy jeans, sometimes referred to as the "boyfriend style." Fitted at the waist and baggy through the thighs, calves and ankles, (without the bell– bottom look) these jeans create a casual look without the grunge factor. Dress them up with a colorful pair of flats or heels. For a more casual look, pair them with Chucks sneakers.

Watch out for: High waisted jeans and slacks are being advertised all over fashion mags and TV. However, they don't seem to be making much of a splash in the Blair hallways. Time will tell if the belly-button hugging, wide legged pants will manage to penetrate younger high school shoppers in the fall and winter seasons.

On the way out: Already we are seeing less of rips and tears and more fabric. It really is time to throw away those pants that seem to be hanging together by a thread and move onto a more finished look for this year's wardrobe.

Not so Plain White T's
Still in: Even if you still swear that empire waists make you look like you're packing a bun in the oven, this feminine and flirty style has wormed its way back into the fashion pages for another year running. While this look might not work for everyone, it flatters curves and lends some modesty to a pair of skinny jeans, so don't write off your mom's maternity wear just yet.

Just in: It's a toss-up this year with shirts: neon screened t's are loud attention-getters, especially if you style the shirt yourself, while boxy Victorian shirts are a solid choice for the more girly crowd.

On the way out: Sweeping ponchos and off-the-shoulder tops have swung out of favor, making way for more classic, centered necklines. Think symmetry.

Watch out for: Jeweled necklines and Victorian lace collar trim provide some nice punctuation to a lady-like shirt.

Goodbye, little black and BORING
Still in: Taking a page from the style file of junior Elizabeth Shemondy, girls can still rock their summer dresses for a few more weeks into fall — so long as they pair their fun and floral finds with a cardigan on top or a tank top underneath.

Just in: Short, shapeless shifts in single tone colors have been sighted all over the autumn runways, and you don't have to be eight miles tall to pull off this style. With or without a wide belt to give the dress some shape, these casual sixties throwbacks look great as a simple cover-up or dolled up with flats and an up-do.
<b>Elizabeth's Shemondy's Look:</b>
Floral sundress: Urban Outfitters, $59.99
Brown knit cardigan: Torrid, $58
Butterfly necklace: Icing, $12
Silver Flats: Steve Madden, $68.94
Josie Callahan
Elizabeth's Shemondy's Look: Floral sundress: Urban Outfitters, $59.99 Brown knit cardigan: Torrid, $58 Butterfly necklace: Icing, $12 Silver Flats: Steve Madden, $68.94

On the way out: Unless you've slipped on a few days of "leg maintenance," the long, floor-grazing sundress is a little long for the shorter styles of fall and altogether too shapeless for the more petite. Girls should stick to their guns and go with more body-hugging trends.

Watch out for: Big, swirly, sixties patterns make for the best dresses in any style — don't be afraid to play with color!

Short skirt, long jacket
Still in: Still riding on the wake of summer, tasteful denim minis make for a fashionable stand-by.

Just in: Lady-like knee-skimmers flatter just about every shape and are always in vogue. Best of all, these trendy finds work for nearly every season as long as they are paired with tights for the colder weather.

On the way out: There's a difference between trendy and trashy — and the line is fine with denim minis. It's all about what flatters your body type, but belts worn as skirts don't work for anyone but Barbie. Keep ahead of the game by drawing attention to the more becoming knee curve. You'll still be trendy, we promise.

Watch out for: Funky details, like sequins, embroidery or pleats, spice up any length of a skirt and can make or break an outfit. Just make sure not to overwhelm your ensemble.

Stylin' shoes
Still in: Last year's ballet flats are still a great, simple touch peeping out under a pair of jeans or cords. This year, experiment with patterns such as polka dots and checkers, as well as bright colors to spice up average jeans. Pointy-toed flats also instantly add a classy touch to an outfit without the pain of pumps or heels.
Senior Keisha McIlwain's Steve Madden stilletos complete her funky fall look. Josie Callahan
Senior Keisha McIlwain's Steve Madden stilletos complete her funky fall look.

Just in: Metallics are all the rage for both flats and heels this season. Coordinate gold or silver shoes with beads and bracelets to add glam to an ordinary outfit. Stilettos are making a statement on the runways and in the hallways in any and every shade. Heel height is climbing and width is narrowing, so be sure to practice walking in your heels before rocking them on the slick floors of Blair.

To fend off cold or sweaty feet in your flats this fall, consider a pair of thin socks in a fun color. Plain flats with colorful or patterned socks, and bright flats with natural-colored socks add an instant cozy, yet still fashionable touch to your toes.

On the way out: Wedges, both closed and open toe, are making an exit for the fall to be replaced by the classier and far less foot-friendly stiletto.

Watch out for: If heels and flats aren't your thing, many Blazers are bringing out high-top basketball shoes, especially in white with neon accents. The style has been spotted everywhere but on the court this fall, as girls pair them with baggy jeans or capris, updating the old school hip hop style to 2007.

Totes, dangles and bangles
Still in: Last year's tote in lieu of 06's backpack is good for another semester, as are oversized beaded necklaces and bracelets in bold colors. Big belts around the natural waist are still often found around the halls, especially in black and brown patent leather.

Hair bands are another accessory that seem here to stay for a while. Whether they are funky and plastic, or vintage and fabric, they are great when paired with a matching necklace or bracelet.
Junior Elizabeth Shemondy's butterfly pendant adds a unique touch to her ensemble. Josie Callahan
Junior Elizabeth Shemondy's butterfly pendant adds a unique touch to her ensemble.

Just in: Long, thin chains with a large medallion or charm in gold or silver add a unique, personal touch without pulling focus from your face. Also entering the fashion scene are chunky bangle bracelets in bright colors, patterns and metallics. Pair one solid and one patterned bracelet together for a striking touch to your ensemble.

On the way out: Oversized purses in earth tones will be replaced by more compact, vibrant handbags.

Watch out for: As feminine dresses, skirts and tops reenter the fashion scene, keep your eyes peeled for detailed, dangling earrings and necklaces. Delicate jewelry adds a vintage touch to a lacy top, especially if you're not into big beads or chunky accessories.

The cardinal rule
As hokey as it sounds, the most important part about formulating your own style is remembering that the only person whose opinion matters in creating a look is yours. Trust your instincts, take trends in stride and always remember to try different things.

So long for now,
The Fashion Department

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  • Henry Scher (View Email) on September 11, 2007 at 9:03 PM
    dress code? Blair now has a dress code?
  • Jon Brookstone on September 12, 2007 at 1:19 AM
    FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A DRESS CODE!!!! And is Silver Chips going to cover what's happening with this new dress code?

    Last year, SC and SCO were instrumental in helping resist absurdities the administration attempted to push onto the student body. And they did so by being honest. Will they do it again?
  • someone on September 12, 2007 at 5:59 AM
    boring... what's the point in a "Fashion Department"??
  • someone else on September 12, 2007 at 2:30 PM
    Blair has had a dress code for at least 6 years. It is also the dress code at Eastern and TPMS, so it might be a county dress code. It is listed the same place each year, in the parent/student handbook.
  • asdf on September 12, 2007 at 6:08 PM
    Because fashion is important
  • seriously? on September 18, 2007 at 4:22 PM
    what a waste of time
    could you guys have thought of anything more pointless to write about?
  • a fan on September 21, 2007 at 7:51 PM
    I personally loved this article-- totally spot on analysis of this fall's trends and great pictures. Well written, too. Thanks, chips! I look forward to more fashion features.
  • Jessica (View Email) on March 14, 2008 at 8:03 PM
    This article is very good. and so right!
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