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Sept. 18, 2007

Freshmen candidate profiles

by Jenny Williams, Online Weekend Editor
The SGA elections for the class of 2011 will be held tomorrow in the auditorium during the advisory period. Freshmen will vote on Thursday and Friday in their English classes and the outcome of the election will be announced Friday.

The process required for freshmen to compete in the election began in the beginning of the month. SGA President Molly Martinez described the process as "boring, but mandatory." According to Martinez, the SGA created petitions that potential candidates had to submit by Sept. 11. In addition, the SGA held a meeting to familiarize the candidates with parts of the process, such as the fact that all candidates must write speeches.

Below are short profiles of all the candidates running in the election.

Name: Noel Barrymore
Position: President
Past Experience: None
Reason for Running: "I want to gain new experience."
If Elected: "I want students to have actual power."

Name: Anthony Carell
Position: President
Past Experience: none
Reason for Running: "I'm running to make the school better."
If Elected: "I want to make the freshman year easier and memorable. Also to voice the opinions of the freshman."

Name: Guodong Fu
Position: President
Past experience: SGA Member
Reason for Running: "I want to make a difference."
If Elected: "I want to express the goals and concerns of the students and want to voice their opinions."

Name: Cy Neita
Position: President
Past Experience: Club President
Reason for Running: "I've always been interested in the SGA."
If Elected: "I want to put in more school events, more spirit days, and more school fundraisers."

Name: Sree Sinha
Position: President
Past Experience: None
Reason for Running: "I think I would make a good representative for the rest of the freshman."
If Elected: "My goal is to make being a freshman a good thing."

Name: Nancy Wen
Position: President
Past Experience: Class Representative and Treasurer
Reason for Running: "I just like helping people."
If Elected: "I want to work together with the students and think of more fun activities."

Name: Tej Ganti
Position: Vice President
Past Experience: Class representative and treasurer
Reason for Running: "I have a lot of ideas for this school and to make Blair a better place."
If Elected: "I want to voice the opinions of the student body."

Name: Mandy Xo
Position: Vice President
Past Experience: None
Reason for Running: "I want to get involved with the school and help others get involved."
If Elected: "I want people to talk to me about their problems and I want to be able to help the students."

Name: Jenna Yi
Position: Vice President
Past Experience: None
Reason for Running: "I want to make the school year better with more events."
If Elected: "I will make sure all the meetings go as planned and make sure that everything that needs to get done gets done."

Name: Jed Tan
Position: Treasurer
Past Experience: None
Reason for Running: "I'm running for experience and to get involved in the Blair community."
If Elected: "I will get more school spirit and help raise money for activities."

Name: Grace Wong
Position: Treasurer
Past Experience: Class representative.
Reason for running: "I want to help out in the SGA and find out more about the school funds."
If Elected: "I want to raise more money for the school."

Name: Erik Agard
Position: Senator
Past Experience:Treasurer
Reason for Running "I want to make sure the entire student body is represented well."
If Elected:"I will represent the student body."

Name: Mario Choi
Position: Senator
Past Experience: None
Reason for Running:"I want to participate in the SGA and make Blair better."
If Elected:"I want to make school life less boring."

Name: Brian Goodall
Position: Senator
Past Experience: None
Reason for Running: "I want to be in the SGA."
If Elected:I want to show my class a good time."

Name: Aarti Kolluti
Past Experience:member of SGA
Reason for Running:"I want to represent the students."
If Elected:"I will make a better atmosphere for freshman and help them fit in."

Name: Winston Liu
Past Experience:Class representative
Reason for Running:"I believe I can make a difference."
If Elected: "I want to try to make the school a better place."

Name: Divya Sahajwalla
Past Experience:None
Reason for Running:"I want to voice what the student's want.
If Elected:"I want to listen to the students."

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  • Student on September 21, 2007 at 8:29 PM
    Weren't the results supposed to have been announced today?
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