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Sept. 25, 2007

Viridian: A tasty brunch for all

by Jenny Williams, Online Weekend Editor
Viridian is a classy Washington D.C. restaurant that offers a heavenly selection of brunch-themed meals. The menu features modern cuisine and specials including omelets, vanilla French toast and Belgian waffles. Although quite simple, these tasty dishes are an enjoyable treat for all.

Of all the entrees offered, the omelets are arguably the best dish. Each omelet comes loaded with vegetables and mounds of cheese that is served with a side order of golden crisp potatoes. The omelets are cooked to perfection and offer a smooth and satisfying taste. The vanilla French toast is a guilty pleasure treat. Each piece is topped off with a smooth raspberry sauce, making it delectable and luscious. Blue crab grits supply Viridian's menu with uniqueness. At $13, this dish is the most expensive item offered, because the crabs are marinated in thyme and Old Bay seasoned lemon butter. While Viridian's menu does not contain appetizers on the menu, the restaurant does offer a variety of complimentary muffins and scones including chocolate chip, raspberry, cranberry and lemon flavors.

The dishes are moderately priced, with side orders ranging from $3 to $4 and drinks from $5 to $6. The main courses are offered at $8 to $9, a good price for the area.

Although Viridian's menu offers a flavorsome cuisine, such positive comments cannot be made about the service. A majority of the orders were incorrect or not cooked to the customer's satisfaction. Many of the omelets were made with toppings that were not requested. While the service received mediocre marks, the waiters were mostly polite and friendly.

Not only does this D.C. restaurant provide tasty dishes, it also comes with a gratifying setting. Viridian portrays a simple but clean-cut locale. Black and white photos representing a home environment theme are posted throughout the restaurant's entirety. The restaurant itself gives off an airy and quiet feel making the ambiance peaceful and serene.

Viridian provides a pleasant and warm feeling that is simple, but unique at the same time. The restaurant presents a typical American breakfast menu, but adds a touch of flavor to make its food more distinctive than the rest.

Viridian is located at 1515 14th Street NW Washington, D.C. 20005

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