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Jan. 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton

by Sophie Schwadron, Online Editor-in-Chief
Political Party: Democrat
Current Position: U.S. Senator
State: New York
Political Experience: First Lady of Arkansas, 1979-1981, 1983-1993; First Lady of the U.S., 1993-2001; U.S. Senator, 2001-present

This is not original reporting. All information has been compiled from Clinton's campaign web site, Clinton's Senate website and the Jewish World Review. Silver Chips Online posts this news summary to provide readers with a forum for discussion.

The Clinton name carries with it some major implications and, pundits say, will be either Hillary's most powerful asset or her ultimate downfall. Best known for being Bill Clinton's first lady for two terms, Hillary Clinton relocated to New York and is now serving in her second term as a senator. She would be the first female president in the history of the United States.

Clinton turned heads as first lady for her powerful role in shaping public policy - so prominent that the Clintons were often given labels like "co-presidents," as the Jewish World Review wrote in 1999. Clinton used her power in the West Wing to champion for causes like breast cancer research, efficient adoption and affordable health care, for women and children especially. Clinton, famous for her "Women's rights are human rights" speech in Beijing in 1995, has always fought to bolster women's rights. According to her campaign web site, she supports a woman's right to choose and successfully battled to make Plan B available over the counter.

Since her Senate election - the first woman ever elected statewide in New York, according to the Whitehouse website - Clinton has touted herself as an advocate for the struggling middle class. Her plan to restore economic stability includes lowering taxes, making college more accessible, fixing issues in the housing market, enhancing retirement security and providing universal health care. The latter issue is a priority she has been involved in since her days as First Lady of Arkansas. Clinton's American Health Choices Plan would offer tax credits to families to help pay for health coverage, which she would require for all Americans. In addition, Clinton is intent on ensuring the welfare of service people upon their return home with programs to guarantee them and their families with jobs and health care.

A member of the Armed Services Committee, Clinton is critical of what she considers a messy job in Iraq. She wants to end the war immediately using a three-part plan: start bringing troops home beginning in her first days of office, ensure stability in Iraq and initiate a diplomatic approach to unite other countries in securing the region's future. With her plan, Clinton has said that she hopes to send the message that "diplomacy is back," to work towards restoring America's image around the world.

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