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Oct. 6, 2008

A reporter's game

by Ya Zhou, Online Connections Editor & Online Copy Editor
As SCO is picking up on the new blog fad in journalism, Blair Connections will also try to update Blazers on the goings on in school, around the community - the serious, the funny, the scary. Students, teachers and cool stories you might not normally see will be blogged and duly noted.

Take, for example, this Promethean board fiasco. I know, you've heard all about them, and it's getting a bit tiring. But they are undeniably some of the coolest technological gadgets we've seen at school in the last few years. Yes, teachers were "relocated," decaying textbooks re-taped for the sixth year in a row, but it was all for the sake of education, so our learning experience can become enriched with interactive PowerPoint presentations controlled by awkwardly jumbo styluses. So, we can conclude that the boards are more than worthwhile.

On a completely different subject, Blair's varsity football is doing better than ever this year, and we're aiming to win the chilly homecoming game against Springbrook on Nov. 7. When I say chilly, I mean cold. Last year, homecoming was held no earlier than late October, and even then enough people brought bulky coats to flood the classroom-morphed-coat room. A third of the time was spent waiting outside in the cold to get in, and another third was spent waiting inside to retrieve the coats. This year, it's even later, and autumn has already established a windy and rainy mood in its first few days.

All things considered, cheers to a new school year!

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    Can't be that bad.
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