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May 19, 2009

Blair athletes honored at spring sports ceremony

by Fran Djoukeng, Online Entertainment and Sports Editor
The 2009 spring sports award night, sponsored by the Blair Athletic Boosters (BAB), was held last night in the Blair auditorium. Coaches and event coordinators presented awards to athletes in recognition of their athleticism, sportsmanship and academic performance.

The evening began outside the auditorium where a slideshow played on the wall across from the main office. Pizza and refreshments were available for attendees and their families at the adjacent concession stand. Athletic Director Dale Miller then began the event with opening remarks and acknowledged BAB President Patsy Hedrick, who welcomed the audience.

Along with Miller, Assistant Principal Edith Verdejo recognized and presented small tokens to scholar athletes, students who maintained a 4.0 GPA during the entire sports season. Miller felt the ceremony achieved its goal. "I think it went very well," Miller said. "Most of the athletes were recognized. The coaches and parents all responded well."

Coaches from the spring sports teams delivered short speeches recounting their team's accomplishments and recognized certain individuals for their contributions. Athletes received awards for Most Improved (MI), Coaches' Award (CA), Outstanding Senior (OS) and Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Varsity Boys' Volleyball
Head Coach - Chris Liang
MVP - Nick Vujcic (12)
MI - Bryan Huang (12)
OS - Pan Wang (12)
CA - Pin-Joe Ko (11)

Varsity Co-ed Volleyball
Head Coach - Paul Craft (presented by Chris Liang)
MVP - Sibyl Brown (11)
MI - Victor Ekunseitan (10)
OS - Carlos Arana (12)
CA - Elaine Brice (11)

Head Coach - Dave Ngbea (presented by Dale Miller)
MVP: Ajay Kannan (10) and Dukyoung Park (11)
OS - Charles Kong (12)
CA - Jason Albanese (11)

Junior Varsity Softball
Head Coach - Kristin Werdann (presented by Louis Hoelman)
MVP - Samantha Boyd (10)
MI - Leila Farrar (9)
CA - Daniela Durva (10)

Varsity Softball
Head Coach - Louis Hoelman
MVP - Rachel Nicholson (12)
MI - Cara Mayo (12)
OS - Xenia Oroxom (12)
CA - Caitlin Ludington (12)

Track and Field
Head Coach - Ralph Penn
MVP - Sarah McMillian (10) and Jonathan Haugton (12)
MI - Hannah Buchek (9) and Keith Ayensu (12)
OS - Rutvij Pandya (12) and Amber Seals (12)
CA - Greg Vogel (12) and Theresa Regan (10)

Boys' Junior Varsity Lacrosse
Head Coach - Adrian Kelly
MVP - Paul Kovar (10)
MI - Adam Varella (10)
CA - Alexander Stewart (9)

Boys' Varsity Lacrosse
Head Coach - Robert Gibb
MVP - Andy Holmes (12)
MI - Lukas Peterson (11)
OS - Mike Mozer (12)
CA - Robert Durban (10)

Girls' Junior Varsity Lacrosse
Head Coach - Christine Denny
MVP - Christina Stiles (10)
MI - Bridget Kastner (10)
CA - Kathy Garcia-Rosales (10)

Girls' Varsity Lacrosse
Head Coach - Mike Horne
MVP - Susie Branson (12)
MI - Julia Lewando (9)
OS - Katelyn Luker (12)
CA - Emily Hedrick (11)

Junior Varsity Baseball
Head Coach - Richard Porac
MVP - Evan Holliday (10)
MI - Chris Zuleger-Freeman (10)
CA - Ben Buckles (10)

Varsity Baseball
Head Coach - John MacDonald
MVP - Alex Egber (11)
MI - Nevin Brown (10)
OS - Neil Corran (12)
CA - Lucas Babinec (10)

Head Coach - Hillary Wynn
MVP - Sophie Seidell (10)
MI - Taylor Smith (10)
OS - Anna Hafield (12)
CA - Erica Taylor (12)

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