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May 24, 2009

A call for spirit

by Katie Sint, Online Managing Editor
As I listen to InfoFlow in the morning, I always hear about exciting upcoming events and new clubs being started by my own peers. I always make mental notes to myself about certain programs or events that I should check out. But that's only when I listen to InfoFlow.

That short broadcast advertises the work of many dedicated Blazers, each of whom has spent hours working on projects they really believe in. SGA, BNC, SGR and many other organizations and clubs at Blair work endlessly towards spreading the word and raising awareness about their upcoming events and projects, but we never really hear or acknowledge their efforts. As Blazers, it's time we step up and support our fellow peers.

With a school body of almost 3000 students, there's no reason why our voices shouldn't be the loudest at sports events, or why our parking lots shouldn't be packed to the brim at school functions, or why our stands shouldn't be filled with bodies proudly donning red, white and black. On spirit days, we should be able to look down the hall and see waves of tacky attire or class colors. On International Showcase days, we should be packed into the SAC, appreciating the diversity that thrives in our school.

With the recent uproar over the SGA presidential race, the important lesson to be learned is that our involvement with our school shouldn't end once we leave the voting booth. Blazers should always be willing to support the work of the SGA, along with every other club, group and organization.

On pep rally days, just throw on a red or white shirt. It really won't hurt. Or come sit in the SAC for a few minutes and listen to what the freestylers have to say on Friday and then come see your classmates perform during International Showcase week. Attend our school plays (Sweeney Todd was amazing this year!) or cheer on our sports teams. Offer up some applause at Magnet Arts Night or try to dunk someone in the tank at the annual carnival. Spend some time in the Activity Fair and maybe find some clubs you'd like to join (the Blair Robotics team always has cool demonstrations).

Of course it would be ridiculous to expect all of us to go to every single Blair function, but at least come out and attend some. There are so many options and great opportunities to offer some much needed support. If your schedule is so demanding or strict that you can't attend or participate in these Blair functions, at least listen to InfoFlow and tell some friends who may be interested. Because after all the work that is poured into these events, it would be nice to see Blazers in the audience, up front and center.

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  • :) on May 24, 2009 at 9:49 PM
    Yay robotics! :]
  • bumbawhawha on May 25, 2009 at 11:10 AM
    right onnnnn sista!! you're supa fly!!
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