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May 28, 2009

A personalized globe for web bloggers

by Fran Djoukeng, Online Entertainment and Sports Editor
Thanks to the online communication obsession, there is a larger universe than ever to share ideas: the ever-blooming blogosphere. Boasting a plethora of interests that align with a spectrum of talents and professions, this ever-growing bubble welcomes approximately 175,000 original weblogs daily, according to, an online service engine providing news and information on all things media. To satisfy your blog-reading needs, Silver Chips Online has highlighted the top weblogs for several personalities that provide realms to express and share passion with other bloggers of the same orbit.

The Artist: Mossip
Mossip covers hot tracks by leading and undercover musicians. <i>Picture courtesy of</i>
Mossip covers hot tracks by leading and undercover musicians. Picture courtesy of

Mossip has been earning rave reviews as a non-stop recorder of all memos from the music industry. It covers hot tracks by leading and undercover musicians, concert tours, worthy musical collaborations and remixes. The visual aspect of the site is loud with a rock-themed layout. Headlines in large, bold text include further exploration such as "Musicology" and "Pop Sense."

Preview: "White Arrows are the sort of dudes you want to be friends with, making music that guys, girls, and the in-betweens can all groove to. I did a little featurette on them earlier that you can check out here. But if it's simply an audibly pleasing time you're looking for, then by all means, immediately let this song enter your world!”

The Economist: Econbrowser
Econbrowser provides an outlook of current economic issues and debates as well as forecasts of the financial development of the United States. The blog format is simple to read, no mathematics necessary. Plus, the site is authored and maintained by real professionals and experts so there's no discrediting the blog's information.

Preview: "We are now suffering the consequences of one of the most spectacular financial miscalculations in history, after investors around the world discovered that trillions of dollars invested in securities derived from U.S. home mortgages were far riskier than they had originally believed."

The Environmentalist: TreeHugger
TreeHugger provides great guides on how to "go green." <i>Picture courtesy of</i>
TreeHugger provides great guides on how to "go green." Picture courtesy of

Ever since Al Gore triggered the global warming sensation, the green lifestyle frenzy is nothing short of a global movement. TreeHugger provides great guides on how to "go green" and shares countless green technology and design news as well as discussion on environmental issues. The site rather brightly presents all its content with great graphics, charts and other multi-dimensional images so you are clear to pursue your interests.

Preview: "Might boxed water be a solution to bottled water for those who refuse to give up buying disposable containers of water? Boxed Water designer Benjamin Edgar thinks so."

The Guru: Zen Habits
Sometimes, a person needs to find balance or tranquility in the hustle of the hectic schedules of life. Zen Habits appears as a haven for serene sensations, presenting many answers for de-cluttering and becoming more productive as well as habitual practices to relieve one's conflicting aura. Personal anecdotes from bloggers help establish a real, calming connection.

Preview: "I've been procrastinating a lot lately. I actually love procrastinating and have nothing against it. But for those of you who want to beat procrastination, here are 10 simple steps…"

The Geek: Lifehacker
Time is money and money is time, right? Lifehacker is for those who are obsessed with time-savers of all sorts. Whether it's shortcuts or technology news, this site presents all its strategies in a colorful yet tidy arrangement. Also featured are "DIY" (do-it-yourself) highlights and free downloads for a variety of computer outlets.

Preview: "We've opened the floor to stories about passwords you should never, ever use earlier this month and our readers didn't disappoint. IT types and the security-passive can learn a lot from what Donny Don't does."

The Gossip: Pink is the New Blog
Pink is the New Blog is the place to go for juicy gossip on all the latest happenings. <i>Picture courtesy of</i>
Pink is the New Blog is the place to go for juicy gossip on all the latest happenings. Picture courtesy of

Hollywood is never too far away with this pinked-out blog detailing celebrity rumor, relationships and everything in between. Pink is the New Blog is intent on exposing everything, especially with a motto like "Everybody's business is my business." The blog offers large, vivid pictures and videos to accompany each hearsay or scandal.

Preview: “Welp, it looks like you can take those wedding gifts back to Sears … Jamie Lynn Spears has decided that she DOES NOT want or need to get married to her babydaddy Casey Aldridge despite agreeing to tie the knot previously. A new report claims that JL feels that she doesn't need a piece of paper to live a happy life with Casey.”

The Fan: Fanhouse
If you are into sports, charge your Internet to Fanhouse complete with blurbs on rising athletes, athlete swaps and transfers and scandals involving major leaguers. It also includes great commentary on records for national teams and sports issues such as a player's pension. This is a full-out sports blog covering all fields and it offers other avenues to explore including a side box of available sportswear merchandise and photo galleries ranging from cheerleaders to athletes and their kids.

Preview: "The Charm City hasn't had much to feel good about when it comes to its baseball team lately. In this case, lately means more than a decade. The last time the Orioles ended the season with a winning record 'Honey' by Mariah Carey was the No. 1 song in America and Bill Clinton was in the first year of his second term as president. The year was 1997."

The Silver Springer: Silver Spring Singular
Downtown Silver Spring is no doubt going to be a hotspot for years to come, especially with the renovation for a Civic Center and ice rink occurring on the corner of Fenton Street to the end of Ellsworth Drive. So it seems appropriate to learn of all news in and around the area from someone who knows what they are talking about - and you'll find that from the author of "Silver Spring, Singular," a local guy who presents updated information with pictures and stories related to various happenings such as store closings and new development projects. Some information is partly commentary and opinion, but there are links to news relevant to the Silver Spring area from news organizations like the Gazette and the Washington Post.

Preview: "There's a new restaurant in town - the Big Greek Cafe at 8147 Georgia Ave., the space formerly occupied by El Taqueria Mexicano. I haven't tried it yet, but when I do I'll be all over this:
 Hercules Burger $6.75
 Seasoned Ground Beef With Tzaziki Sauce, Feta Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato On A Sesame Bun."

The Politician: Crooks and Liars
Who doesn't love a politician who comes into office eager to change the face of America? Who isn't interested on the breakout story of a seemingly decent member of public office accused of being a corrupted official? At Crooks and Liars you'll get coverage of political news and other activities on Capitol Hill, albeit with a particularly liberal edge.

Preview: "The Republicans have been pushing the 'class warfare' theme since Obama released his budget. The cable talking heads and the Beltway bobbleheads have mostly swallowed it whole and regurgitate the GOP talking points, but this L.A. Times article…"

And there is no reason to fret if the selections below don't dazzle you; there are over 15.5 million active blogs, according to a 2007 online BusinessWeek article. If you can't find a blog to fit your personal tastes, create one of your own!

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  • silver spring outside the beltway on May 28, 2009 at 10:36 PM
    this is disappointing. there are so many more blogs in silver spring but singular always takes the credit. you should be talking about silver spring scene, just up the pike, and all the other local blogs if you really want to give the local blog scene notice.
  • entertainment junkie on May 30, 2009 at 5:08 PM
    i love pink is the new blog! and a lot of the other blogs here sound really cool too! i will definitely check them out :)
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