April Playlist: Music to play on a rainy day

April 5, 2011, 8:50 p.m. | By Melodi Anahtar | 13 years, 2 months ago

Perfect songs for those stay-at-home days

Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers, but let's face it. The constant rain is a drag because anything worth doing is outside the confines of our houses. After all, you can only spend so much time on Facebook before you feel like a complete creep. While you sit inside, bored and hating the rain for ruining all of your plans, listen to some of these songs for a pick-me-up.

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"The Lazy Song" - Bruno Mars
For most people, the sight of rain hardly induces productivity. Nobody looks out the window, sees rain and thinks of it as the perfect opportunity to get some homework done. So instead of racking your brain thinking of some other way to pass the time, take Mars's advice, chill in your Snuggie and do "nothing at all."

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"Umbrella (Feat. Jay-Z)" - Rihanna
In 2007, "Umbrella" became especially popular in Britain, because its release eerily coincided with the extensive floods there. But in addition to the jam's historical relevance to rain, its catchy beat is a welcome contrast to the weather outside and will have you singing along in no time.

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"Banana Pancakes" - Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson is known for his mellow tunes that are able to put almost anybody in a better mood because they exude positive energy. Sit back, relax, and "pretend that there's no world outside." Plus, the lyrics may inspire you to actually make some banana pancakes, which are always delicious.

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"November Rain" - Guns N' Roses
This rock ballad is probably the most somber song on the list, but its status as a classic makes it a necessary addition to any playlist. Its strings section adds a nice rainy day feel and the guitar solo is the sixth greatest of all time according to Guitar World. Even if rock isn't really your style, the piece is nine minutes long - so at least the rain may taper off by the time you finish listening to the whole thing.

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"Let It Rain" - OK Go
It's one of those weeks when it feels like the rain may never stop. Instead of cursing the sky gods, follow "OK Go" and "let it rain, let it pour." In this lesser known track, the band uses their funky style to disguise a message of abandonment in a happier package. So although on a deep level the song is not about rain, take it in a literal sense and embrace the weather.

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"Here Comes the Sun" - The Beatles
Thankfully, rain always stops eventually. As the final drops hit the ground, just think "sun, sun, sun, here it comes." Feel free to pick up your social life once again. Grab some friends, go on a walk, seize the day! This classic tune is the cherry on top of post-stormy weather.

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