Blazers participate in code red drill

June 6, 2003, midnight | By Robin Hernandez | 18 years, 11 months ago

Administrators implemented code blue and red drills for Blair during seventh period on Wednesday, June 5.

According to administration, there were 108 would-be-casualties as a result of doors and windows not locked or from noise audible in the halls. Casualities attended an assembly in the gym where Principal Phillip Gainous addressed the importance of the code red and blue drills.

During a code blue students are directed into classrooms and attendance is taken and I.D.'s are checked. Teachers are instructed to ignore the bells and wait for instructions. A code red is a heightened security measure in which all students are evacuated from the halls. The classroom is made to look unoccupied by locking the door and covering the windows. Teachers then take attendance and check I.D.'s. No one is permitted to leave or enter the classrooms.

According to Assistant Principal Pat Hurley the drills are conducted to "minimize the panic" and "make the situation second nature."

Hurley admits that there is no way to anticipate a problem that could put students' safety at risk. However "I have to believe that by practicing and planning that [the drills] would help," says Hurley.

Some of the teacher's actions during the drill were disappointing to Hurley. "Teachers need to take [the code red] seriously," said Hurley.

Hurley was impressed with the student's level maturity during the drill and says they seem to understand the importance of the drill.

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