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Name: Robin Hernandez
Position: Page Editor
Graduation Year: 2004
Robin Hernandez is a SENIOR! She works part time as a plumber. Her creative ideas to unclogging toilets have proven to be very successful, as long as she isn't too loud in the process. If you want to enlist her help but can't find her it is probably because she is being surrounded by football players from Wisconsin. Holler to t. Also, she can draw pictures of dogs that look surprisingly like aliens.

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Perspectives on Brown from behind the front desk

By Kedamai Fisseha, Feza Kikaya, Robin Hernandez | May 17, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Silver Chips Online talked to long-time Blair teachers about their opinion of the changing conditions in public schools since the pro-integration ruling in Brown v Board.

Committee for Stress-Free Schools promotes meditation

By Robin Hernandez | May 16, 2004, midnight | In Print »

The Committee for Stress-free schools hosted a national conference showcasing thirty years of research and experience with Transcendental Meditation (TM) in improving and preventing students' stress on May 12 at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.

Seniors showcase art in the library

By Robin Hernandez | May 5, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Four seniors will be displaying their photographs, drawings and paintings in an art exhibit in the library from May 5 to May 14.

Takoma Park Middle School to host international night

By Robin Hernandez | April 22, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Takoma Park Middle School (TPMS) will be hosting the third annual International Night on Friday, April 23 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The evening will feature InToneNation, Blair's a cappella group and Blair's Break Dancers.

Senior assembly held

By Robin Hernandez | March 23, 2004, midnight | In Print »

A program sponsored by visited Blair today to speak to seniors about college and making successful decisions after high school. The program, called Making College Count was a free presentation.

Board of Education sounds off on issues facing Down County

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 20, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Northwood High School hosted a discussion forum for the Board of Education (BOE) candidates on Wednesday, February 18. Parents and teachers from Montgomery County attended the debate and were able to ask questions concerning pressing matters in the down county area.

Blazers compete in fencing junior olympics

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 14, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Three Blair juniors are traveling to Cleveland, Ohio to compete in the Junior Olympics for fencing which take place on Feb 13 to Feb 17.

El Salvadorian radio station visits Blair

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 10, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Radio Victoria, a public, community-based radio station in rural El Salvador run primarily by youth, visited Blair on Monday, Feb. 9 to promote the radio and raise money for college.

Candidates for Board of Education debate MCPS issues

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 7, 2004, midnight | In Print »

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) sponsored a discussion forum for the candidates running for the board of education on Wednesday, Feb 4. The candidates answered selected questions from the audience about various issues facing today's students and schools.

School construction takes a back seat in new capital budget plan

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 3, 2004, midnight | In Print »

School construction took a back seat in Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s $847 million capital budget, while secondary schools and plans for sewers gained real boosts.

Semester Shakedown canceled

By Robin Hernandez | Jan. 23, 2004, midnight | In Print »

The BNC sponsored semester Shakedown, which was scheduled to take place on Jan 23, was canceled by the administration.

Suspects in school fires apprehended

By Robin Hernandez | Dec. 22, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The individuals involved in Monday's bathroom fires have been identified and apprehended according to Principal Phillip Gainous.

Blair to host Eastern wrestling match

By Robin Hernandez | Dec. 17, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Blair will host Eastern Middle School's seventeenth annual

Blair senior showcases film in Takoma Park film festival

By Robin Hernandez | Dec. 8, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The Takoma Park Maryland Library and Columbia Union College sponsored the second annual Film Festival. The festival is an opportunity for professionals, adults, and students to showcase their creative work.

Superintendent to visit Blair

By Robin Hernandez | Dec. 8, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools Jerry Weast will be visiting Blair on Wednesday, December 10 at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the recommended operating budget for the 2005 Fiscal Year.

Gainous speaks out on school issues

By Robin Hernandez | Nov. 14, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Principal Phillip Gainous addressed the student body this afternoon about issues concerning academic achievement and new ID policies.

MCPS reaches diversity landmark

By Kedamai Fisseha, Robin Hernandez | Nov. 4, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The Board of Education announced that the 2003 graduating class was the final student body in Montgomery County to be majority white. The change has been attributed to increases in minority populations in select areas of the County.

US's loss to Germany yields setback in WUSA

By Robin Hernandez | Nov. 4, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Little leaguers have Major League Baseball. Pee-wee football players have the NFL. Community basketball players have the NBA. Ice hockey players have the National Hockey League. And girl soccer players have…well, it could have been playing against the top ranked female soccer players in the nation, but now they are forced to settle for a short-lived career with college soccer, and will most likely never receive a paycheck.

Downcounty Consortium sponsors information sessions

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 17, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Parents of middle school students were given the opportunity to speak to representatives from the five high schools participating in the Downcounty Consortium at Silver Spring International Middle School on Thursday, October 16. Faculty members from Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Northwood, Wheaton, and Blair high schools were present to answer questions and try to eliminate any anxiety towards the consortium plan.

Get Lost in Translation

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 17, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Combine a 19-year-old with the experienced Bill Murray, double the wit, triple the clever dialogue, mix in Japan and you're lost. Lost in Translation, that is.

SGR to hold teach-in on homelessness

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 15, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The SGR will hold a teach-in on homelessness on Thursday, October 16 from 2:10 to 4:00 p.m. in the SAC.

CIA requests investigation into leak

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 2, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The CIA has requested that the Justice Department conduct an investigation into President Bush's administration to determine if officials leaked the name of an undercover CIA agent.

Local teenager charged in murder case

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 1, 2003, midnight | In Print »

A former Silver Spring International Middle School student has been charged as an adult with second-degree murder for the death of his brother-in-law. The man received a fatal stab wound from the teenager after trying to stop an argument between the adolescent and another man.

Sweep the Creek

By Robin Hernandez | Sept. 10, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The Friends of Sligo Creek will sponsor the second annual Sweep the Creek stream clean-up on Saturday, September 13th from nine to eleven o'clock. Volunteers are invited to help clear the creek and surrounding parklands of litter and debris.

Thunderstorms extend summer for some Montgomery County students

By Robin Hernandez | Aug. 28, 2003, midnight | In Print »

All schools will open on time today, Tuesday, September 2. After last weeks storms, many schools were forced to close or operate on delay openings due to power outages.

Blazers place in International Envirothon

By Robin Hernandez | Aug. 28, 2003, midnight | In Print »

A team of Blair High School students was awarded fifth place in the Canon International Envirothon this past summer. The Blair team was also the first to represent Montgomery County for Maryland.

Blair called one of nation's best high schools

By Robin Hernandez | June 24, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Blair was recognized by Newsweek as one of "America's Best High Schools.” Blair was ranked in the top 4% of all of the nation's schools.

Current down county consortium faces opposition

By Robin Hernandez | June 11, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The current proposal for the down county consortium is meeting opposition by the Blair Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). The PTSA fears that the current consortium plan would result in a disproportionate number of students who qualify for Free and Reduced Meal (FARM) plans and students enrolled in the Communication Arts Program (CAP) and the Magnet.

Blazers participate in code red drill

By Robin Hernandez | June 6, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Administrators implemented code blue and red drills for Blair during seventh period on Wednesday, June 5.

Field improvements delayed

By Robin Hernandez | June 4, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Due to snow and rain, Montgomery County efforts to improve the condition of the track field have been delayed.

Thespians act it up

By Robin Hernandez | May 22, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The Blair Thespians club showcased three student directed one act plays, one of which was student written. Costumes and setting were dull and unimaginative, but actors added spark to the stage and lived up to the reputation of Blair productions.

County Executive visits Blair

By Robin Hernandez | May 4, 2003, midnight | In Print »

County Executive Doug Duncan visited Blair on May 2 and addressed different issues facing Montgomery County in addition to national matters. Afterwards, Duncan fielded questions from students.

Levin, Daniel

By Robin Hernandez | April 8, 2003, midnight | In Print »

After high school, students can feel overwhelmed by the number of opportunities awaiting them. The pressures of leaving home and choosing a college come with a high school diploma. Once at college, students must decide on a major and for many that means exploring all their options. For Daniel Levin, the process of deciding on a profession took many turns before finding a job he loves, teaching biology.

Field trips cancelled

By Robin Hernandez | March 28, 2003, midnight | In Print »

All field trips outside of a 75-mile radius from the Silver Spring area have been cancelled.

InToneNation performs at Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage

By Robin Hernandez | March 14, 2003, midnight | In Print »

InToneNation, a Blair a-cappella ensemble, will be performing at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage on Friday 14. The singing group will also be making an appearance at Carpe Diem, a ceremony of song on Saturday 15, at the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church.

Red Cross utilizes Blair for emergency relief

By Robin Hernandez | March 5, 2003, midnight | In Print »

After a fire in an apartment building on Carroll Ave in Takoma Park displaced an estimated sixty people, the Red Cross set up temporary housing in Blair's gymnasium. Among those dislocated by the fire were several Blair students.

School year extended due to snow

By Robin Hernandez | March 4, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The Montgomery County School Board has approved Superintendent Jerry Weast's proposal for make-up school days due to weather emergency. The school year has been extended by two days, so that school officially ends Jun 20. The professional day originally scheduled for teachers on Wednesday, Mar 19, has been cancelled and schools will be operating as an even day for students.

Bush proposes changes to nation's welfare program

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 15, 2003, midnight | In Print »

President Bush is seeking to reform the government's relation with the nation's poor with the creation of a policy that would give state's new power over social services. The policy would reduce funding for certain programs, including Medicaid and Head Start, and would require more verification of the poor in order to attain public assistance.

Blair science teacher invited to Future of life summit

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 13, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Dr. Glenda Torrence, Blair's Magnet research coordinator was awarded a 21st Century Fellowship to attend the Future of Life Summit in Monterey, California from February 19-21. Torrence received the fellowship from the AOL Time Warner Foundation for her "success in cultivating student achievement in science."

Breast Cancer Awareness assembly held

By Robin Hernandez | Feb. 5, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The Suburban Hospital Suburban Breast Center visited Blair High School on Tuesday, February 3 to speak to all female students in grades eleven and twelve about breast self-examination and breast cancer awareness in a program called "Check it out," which has been traveling to Montgomery County high schools for eight years.

Title IX faces changes

By Robin Hernandez | Jan. 31, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Title IX, which was passed in 1972 and prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions receiving federal funds is now facing pressure from some organizations to weaken its standards. Because some colleges say they have been forced to eliminate male athletic programs in order to comply with the Title IX standards the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics is working to change the manner in which some schools and universities comply and enforce Title IX.

Cuban treats in Silver Spring

By Robin Hernandez | Jan. 8, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Forget the burgers and fries of American fast food and instead venture to downtown Silver Spring for a sample of Caribbean culture. Cubanos offers an authentic Cuban meal in a genuine setting; the atmosphere makes it easy to forget you are still in Silver Spring. Cuban villages are framed in the paintings on the walls and Spanish salsa music plays in the background. The lights are dimmed and candles are lit at each table to make for a romantic ambiance. In short, Cubanos is prepared to make your visit delicioso.

Les Miserables: revived at National Theatre

By Robin Hernandez | Dec. 28, 2002, midnight | In Print »

The National Theatre brilliantly dramatized Les Miserables, creating a flawless performance. In its seventeenth year on Broadway, the National Theatre brought a rejuvenated energy to the story of Les Miserables. The lighting and singing of the National Theatre created a revived love for the play.

Whitman students charged as adults in sexual assault case

By Robin Hernandez | Dec. 13, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Three Walt Whitman High School students have been charged with sexually assaulting a 25-year-old woman. According to the Washington Post the woman was lured to one of the students' homes on November 8, where she was threatened with a knife and forced to undress and then assaulted with a baseball bat.

Montgomery County limits private donations to schools

By Robin Hernandez | Dec. 7, 2002, midnight | In Print »

The Montgomery county school board passed a policy detailing the amount of money private organizations can donate to public schools. The board approved of the policy on Thursday, November 21, after a year of controversy between school communities.

Disappointing finish for Blair cheerleading

By Cori Cohen, Robin Hernandez | Nov. 23, 2002, midnight | In Print »

During the Division II cheerleading competition, the Blair cheerleaders violated a safety rule. According to sponsor, Roxanne Fus the infraction caused them to place last in the competition.

Spirit club raises $1000 for Make-a-Wish foundation

By Robin Hernandez | Nov. 22, 2002, midnight | In Print »

The Blair spirit club has raised $1000 from its benefit to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The club will present the money in December.

Fiddler a success

By Robin Hernandez | Nov. 16, 2002, midnight | In Print »

The players of the Silver Spring Christ Congressional Church (CCC) are on key with their classic rendition of Fiddler on the Roof . What the CCC lacked in scenery, they made up for in acting. The Jewish musical made a great showing on the CCC stage and the actors keep the audience entertained with songs and laughs.

XM cancels BNC radio show

By Robin Hernandez | Nov. 14, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Due to a conflict in interests, XM radio cancelled Blair Network Communications (BNC) radio shows at the end of this summer.

Stabbing suspect charged as juvenile

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 22, 2002, midnight | In Print »

The former Blair student accused of stabbing two freshmen last May was charged as a juvenile.

The Homecoming How To's

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 8, 2002, midnight | In Print »

The countdown to Homecoming has begun, but are you ready for the big night? Don't wait until the day of the dance for that special person to ask you and be sure to buy your tickets before they sell out. But most importantly, don't forget to have fun.

Interview with a Puerto Rican teacher

By Robin Hernandez | Oct. 5, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Puerto Rico's heritage blends the traditions of the Old and New Worlds. Because of its connection and closeness to the United States, the island's culture is a mixture of modern and traditional life.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

By Robin Hernandez | Sept. 26, 2002, midnight | In Print »

Beginning September 15 and ending October 15, one of the nation's largest minority groups is celebrating its customs during Hispanic Heritage Month. Americans are gathering to honor and commemorate the culture of Hispanics. Events around the Washington area include "Mariachi Madness" at the National Museum of Natural History, "Chicano Vision" at the Arts and Industries Museum, and "Fiesta Musical" at the National Zoo.

MNCPPC to improve field condition

By Robin Hernandez | Sept. 13, 2002, midnight | In Print »

The Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) is working to improve the condition of the practice field behind the Blair courtyard and plans to begin renovation after the football season.

A perplexing Pericles

By Robin Hernandez | Nov. 30, 1999, midnight | In Print »

Once again the Blair stage managed to bedazzle its audience with creative sets that simulated professional designs and a variety of interesting lighting selections for its production of Pericles. However the Shakespearean plot made for a complicated tale of love, adventure, and crime that that did not allow the actors to captivate the audience.