Gainous speaks out on school issues

Nov. 14, 2003, midnight | By Robin Hernandez | 19 years, 6 months ago

Principal addresses students on grades and ID's

Principal Phillip Gainous addressed the student body this afternoon about issues concerning academic achievement and new ID policies.

After issuing report cards on Thursday, November 13, Gainous felt it was an appropriate time to congratulate students about impressive grades. He also reminded students to take "advantage of the opportunities [Blair] offers" and that "teachers have enough A's and B's for everyone."

Gainous proclaimed that many students "proudly showed their report cards" to him and he would like to see more high performance.

Gainous also took the opportunity to announce that starting Monday, security will be carrying out "hall sweeps and round ups" for students found in the halls without ID's. He stressed the importance that everyone wear an ID in the chest area and warned that having an ID in your pocket was not acceptable.

More announcements by Gainous will follow sometime next week about "mob- like behavior" in the halls.

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