XM cancels BNC radio show

Nov. 14, 2002, midnight | By Robin Hernandez | 19 years, 6 months ago

Due to a conflict in interests, XM radio cancelled Blair Network Communications (BNC) radio shows at the end of this summer.

According to Executive Director Philip Vogel, the cancellation came as a result in "a difference in goals."

Vogel says that XM radio, a satellite radio station that offers 100 channels for a monthly fee, was not able to "allocate the same resources they were allocating for other shows."

Vogel adds that XM radio did not have "enough time and resources" to help BNC improve its production.

According to Vogel, because XM uses a different technology and broadcasts to a larger audience, BNC had to learn the ways of XM and focus on interesting national topics.

The Blair Soapbox was featured on XM for a year until its cancellation. Production Executive Marian Seat says that the cancellation came "out of the blue."

Although the cancellation came as a blow to BNC, Vogel remains hopeful about the future of XM and BNC. Vogel is "trying to keep the relationship intact so people can have internships," says Vogel.

BNC continues to broadcast over the PA system during both lunches. Two new DJs host a daily radio show each day and feature different genres of music. However, many students complain of not being able to enjoy the music. "It would be great to [hear it], but with everyone talking, it's hard to hear," says senior Khoa Ngyuen.

Seat explains that BNC "keeps [the] levels low so students who don't want to listen won't have music blaring in their ears."

In addition to the daily show, BNC produces two shows, University 29 Music and Blazer Buzz, which can be heard on the BNC website, bnc.mbhs.edu.

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