Boulevard of perfect dreams

March 11, 2010, 7:38 a.m. | By Rebecca Novello | 12 years, 2 months ago

A Blazer's fantasy school comes to life

Dreams often grant us a much-needed escape from our daily struggles. In a dream, anything is possible - swimming through a vat of delicious chocolate, jumping from a 50-story building unscathed, even flying through the hallways of school. So when budget cuts and insufficient funds push on the school from all sides, a daydream in a dull class about a fantasy Blair - one with no monetary limitations - can be the perfect way to brighten up the afternoon.

Spring is just rolling around the corner in real life, but who's to say your dreams should be held back by the seasons? The summer sun always shines on a Blazer's fantasy school as students start to arrive around 10 a.m., with a warm breeze blowing across the beach out front. So slip on your flip-flops and get ready to begin the best day of school since the day you cleaned your desk with shaving cream in kindergarten.

Defying gravity

School kicks off with a splash as you jump into the pool along Blair Boulevard to wash away the sand. As you hop out and dry off, a delicious smell drifts over - the fresh coffee that is provided every morning is brewing across the hallway. Feel free to sit down and relax on one of the hallway's couches with a mug of the morning pick-me-up to catch up with a few friends. But keep in mind that your chatting time won't last too long; there are still classes in this world.

When the bell rings, though, there's no need to trudge up the crowded staircases. Take your pick between two options - venturing up the rock-climbing walls or taking a trip on Willy Wonka's Great Glass Elevator.

Your first class? Astronomy. The classroom? Blair's own simulated antigravity planetarium - a literal moonbounce. Under the direction of your teacher, make your way first-hand through outer space, taking in the beauty of the planets and stars of the universe. Just be sure to avoid the black holes, and don't drift out the door too suddenly - as soon as you hit the hallway, gravity returns.

Rock out, eat up and enjoy the show

When study hall rolls around, it's time to head to the soundproof study nooks. These personal rooms are equipped with surround sound systems so that you can get some work done while rocking out to your favorite tunes. Or, if you're not feeling the working vibe, belt out a few guilty pleasure pop songs without the fear of being heard. Before you know it, the dream has moved on - it's lunchtime! Head up to the third floor's free Chipotle restaurant, cozy café and ice cream parlor to satisfy your grumbling stomach. That old myth told to gullible freshmen has finally become reality - well, sort of.

Once the burritos and sundaes have sent you spiraling into a food coma, the mattress-floored lounge is the place to go for a well-earned afternoon nap. Since stairs are wildly overrated, take the water slide or Tower of Terror to get back down to the ground floor. On second thought, maybe the Tower of Terror should be avoided if you don't want to lose your lunch.

After a quick powernap on the extra-soft cushions, Trekkies can check out the Enterprise-esque computers along the walls. In your best Jean-Luc Picard voice, command any movie to play on the lounge's high definition IMAX screen. As afternoon classes start up again, enter the Gothic library, complete with spiral staircases and old-book smell, to get started on a research project. If the work grows tedious, just slide down the rolling ladders to pick out one of your favorite volumes, then curl up in a comfy armchair.

A dream of your own

Even a quiet library corner cannot compare to the peace of nature. The perfect way to counter the feeling of isolation from the outdoors during the day is to find nature within the school's walls, and Blair's own indoor arboretum, or collection of trees, on the second floor provides just the spot to do so. Sitting by the serene pond under the blissful cover of shady trees should give you some much-needed time away from Blair's constant hustle and bustle.

But this dream world is incomplete without your own personal twist. Any additional needs - an extra room for a new club's meetings, a practice area for your upcoming dance performance, a gym full of obstacles to teach yourself parkour without embarrassment - can be magically satisfied in this Blair's Room of Requirement.

The day is over and your dream is coming to an end. Before you snap back to reality, though, a final, grand idea comes alive in your imagination. The cherry on top of dream Blair: locking doors, soap and paper towels in the bathrooms.

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