Chinese/Korean Club

Aug. 2, 2009, midnight | By Grace Wang | 12 years, 2 months ago

An enticing smell wafts through the hallway outside of room 365. Loud laughter is heard along with the occasional phrase in a foreign language. Within the classroom, Blazers sit and stand in a lazy circle with delicious moon cakes and crackers melting in their mouths. They make frequent visits to the front of the room for more Asian snacks, play an animal game as an icebreaker between upper and underclassmen and revel in their shared, unique culture.

This is the jovial scene that typifies Chinese/Korean Club meetings. The club, which disbanded several years ago, is reforming as a combination of the Chinese Club and Korean Club, and is planning many cultural activities for the upcoming school year.

"We are planning on reliving the club, because it existed...two years ago or something, but we were planning on starting it up again," explains junior Angela Choi, co-president of the Chinese/Korean Club. "We're hoping to have a lot more activities and a lot more involvement."

According to Angelique Bosse, the club's sponsor, the club was quite popular in the past. "It was a lot of kids. We'd fill my entire classroom," she describes.

Junior Amy Xiao, co-president of the club, says that she aims to return Chinese/Korean Club to its former esteem. "The purpose of the club would be to learn about Chinese and Korean culture," Xiao says. The club will watch movies and dramas, play games and eat Chinese and Korean food.

The club will conduct fundraisers for these club activities and for Asian countries in need. "We might choose to [fundraise] for different causes because there are a lot of causes that affect Asian countries right now," Choi considers. "But we're not sure about that."

This year, the club is trying to have more activities and involvement than before. "Last year's group, they had good intentions at the beginning of the school year, but as time gone, people got busy and it just sort of petered out," Bosse says. Xiao and Choi, who were members of the club last year, realize this and wish to follow through on more regular meetings of the club next year. "We'll try to keep it going for the whole year and do more and more activities," Xiao promises.

If you are interested in joining the Chinese/Korean Club, please contact Angela Choi and Amy Xiao, or the club sponsor, Angelique Bosse.

Grace Wang. As a junior in the magnet, Grace somehow manages to fit in time to do things other than stress over the homework load. Besides spending most of her life being Asian by dancing in a Chinese Dance Troupe, she loves to play volleyball (even though … More »

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