Democrats successful in Maryland elections overall

Nov. 9, 2006, midnight | By David Jia | 17 years ago

Democrats take both House and Senate nationally

Democrats declared victory in Maryland on every level from Tuesday's election, with Benjamin L. Cardin winning the Senate race, Chris Van Hollen winning the Congressional Eighth district race and Martin O'Malley winning the Maryland governor race.

Van Hollen, the representative for this district since 2002, won with 77.3 percent of the vote, according to Yahoo! News. Cardin won with 55 percent and O'Malley with 53 percent.

The Democrats control both the House of Representatives and the US Senate, after making significant gains. In the House races, the Democrat majority was ensured when the Democrats gained a net 28 Representatives, 13 more than necessary to take majority. The Democrats took majority in the Senate today when Virginia Senator George Allen (Republican) conceded the race to Democrat James Web this afternoon. The race was razor-thin; Webb pulled through with a narrow lead of approximately 8000 votes out of the 2.3 million population, according to Yahoo! News.

As per state law, Allen may have requested for a free recount by the state.
With the exception of District One and District Six, where Republicans Wayne Gilchrest and Roscoe Bartlett won the House race, Democrats prevailed in all districts in Maryland.

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