Dress to kill the winter chill

Dec. 16, 2010, 7:04 p.m. | By Noah Mason, Jialin Quinlan, Gardi Royce, Eliza Wapner | 10 years, 2 months ago

With winter rolling around, it's time to break out the hats, scarves and puffy coats. But for those Blazers who are tired of looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters, anyone?), your trusty Entertainment Team, along with a couple of extra models, has braved the malls and the magazines to bring you what we believe are the season's latest looks.

Wake up and smell the flowers

When you think of harem pants, an image of MC Hammer may give you more than a few inhibitions about donning this statement piece. But don't worry, harem pants are definitely in. Hipsters around the world have been seeking out these pants because they are fun, comfortable, flexible and cute. We combed through area stores and found that this trend does actually work for regular Blazers. The pants draw attention to your waist and provide an interesting pattern to make a textured outfit. Pair with a puffy-sleeved sweater to add volume to the shoulders, further accentuate your waist and transition the pants into winter. The sweater is a great investment for the season; it can be paired with numerous items, from jeans at school to fancy holiday wear. If you're looking for a cheap, exciting present for your best friend, we recommend this sweater. It's funky and goes with almost any type of personal style.

Make this look work for school: Trade in the denim kitten heels for flats in exciting and complimenting colors. Add fun accessories like cocktail rings or a long necklace.

American boy

This look combines multiple patterns with sleek basics to create an cool look. The blue-and-white thermal is a comfortable, stylish base for this look, which adds an exciting print. American Eagle, as well as many other stores, sells them in hundreds of different styles, patterns and colors. This shirt can be made unisex — girls, don't be afraid to try this shirt on too. Layer it with flannel pieces like this warm fleece hat and soft scarf. The black pea coat is a classic coat and a wise investment; it will never go out of style and can be layered over numerous outfits. You can substitute different shoes in: Try the popular loafer or boat shoe to add extra preppiness. Take this look in a different direction by adding a flannel or button-up shirt over the striped shirt to provide a more layered look.

Why we love this look: This outfit is also a great way to try out the trendy male scarf. Try a basic one-colored scarf or one in a cool pattern if you are feeling especially adventurous. The watch also adds sophistication to the look while keeping it fun

Vintage Style

Inspired by American workwear, this classy-casual winter ensemble is the perfect outfit for any outing. Whether you're the type to gallivant around the city looking for "new age” things to do or to relax in your living room in front of a roaring fire, this look will ensure you at least a few admiring glances. First grab a pair of classic vintage Top Siders, going for that rugged sensitive look. A pair of black ankle socks accents the purposefully weathered boat shoe. To achieve this simple yet smart look, pull on a pair of sharp olive slacks. This all-weather outfit works wonders on first dates and "meet the parents” alike. This seemingly effortless array of aged outerwear demonstrates a sophisticated palate. A tan leather belt permits flexibility while maintaining a refined, at-ease look. After picking out a crisp white undershirt, button up a soft faded denim shirt rolled at the elbows. To fully embody this vintage look, throw on your favorite woolen pullover to combat the biting cold. You are now ready to thaw the challenges of a frosty winter with the warmth of your many admirers.

Why we love this look: This refined and stylish outfit works on more than one level. It captivates the eye with its crisp and form-fitting ensemble and simultaneously leaves you wanting more. With a fresh combination of leather, denim and cotton, you'll achieve a classic "throwback” style, while maintaining a dapper demeanor.

Sequins galore

The latest up-and-coming trend is anything metallic. But be careful to pick just one piece to highlight, so you don't look like you're being featured in a Ke$ha music video. A simple navy shirt makes sure that the sequins don't look like you're heading to the club. The loosely fitted shirt in a neutral color pairs well with the skirt, which is form-fitting and changes from silver to metallic black in the light. Top the outfit off with something colorful, like this yellow knit hat, to keep your outfit warm and original. Wiggle your toes into a pair of more weather-appropriate ankle boots, and you're ready to go.

Why we love this look: Sequins are a girl's best friend. You can go anywhere — from a strobe light party to your first period class — with just a quick change of your shirt and shoes. This skirt, while covered in metallic shine, isn't too flashy for a casual daytime look. And the navy top works well with jeans too — the definition of versatility. The knit hat can be thrown on to punch up any dull outfit.

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