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April 25, 2002, midnight | By Alex Piazza | 18 years, 9 months ago

Some quick tips for Blazers who are searching for a good time with no time to waste

In the age of high-speed internet and instant gratification, people rarely have time to read about what to do before getting up and doing it. We don't want you to sift through the worthless mumbo-jumbo most reviews put out... we'll get to the point and let you get on with your life.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant—Locations in Rockville, College Park, Bethesda and Dupont Circle

It's not just fast food. It's good food, fast.

Chipotle restaurants have been sprouting up all across America since the company was founded in 1993. The restaurants specialize in burritos the size of your head for only about five bucks, but what's special about the restaurant is that your order is prepared right in front of you. Think of it as a Mexican Subway.

The menu is pretty limited, but the portions are too large to worry about side orders, and the burritos are so good, you can't eat just one. No, really. You can't, they're that big. Quick, convenient, inexpensive, fresh: this is Mexican at its best! The only drawback is that it's owned by McDonald's.

Andy Richter Controls The Universe—Tuesdays at 8:30 on Fox

Late-night funnyman Conan O'Brien's former sidekick, Andy Richter, is now the narrator/observer of Fox's brand-new hilarious sitcom, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, in which Richter releases his pent-up imagination in bursts of fantasy, making for some sidesplitting laughs, even though the humor can be dark at times.

In one episode two of the office workers die: funny? Well, at the end, one of them jumps out of his coffin to do the hustle: hilarious. Richter's perfect for the part, too—he's got great comedic timing, and he looks like an overgrown kid. Funny lines: "It's all because of Charlie, that lazy dead guy" and "She's even hot when she mourns."

Cranium—Available at most toy stores for about $35. Four or more players.

Cranium, "the game for your whole brain," is the hot new party board game which gets you humming, whistling, sketching, sculpting, acting, solving puzzles and even spelling backwards to win.

Cranium, which hit stores a few years ago, includes activities that are divided among four decks of cards—creative cat, star performer, word worm and data head. It's directed towards ages 12 and up, but anyone who's got a brain can play. Cranium's good enough to go up on the shelf right next to Twister and Monopoly but will most likely be a bigger hit with girls because the game involves neither close physical contact nor forcing your friend into bankruptcy.

KaZaA—Free download from

KaZaA is a new music-sharing community program that can actually transfer almost any kind of file from music to pictures to movies.

KaZaA has the same setup as Napster except that, because of KaZaA's format, the program should be a lot harder to declare unlawful and shut down, and that's always a good thing. If for any reason downloading stops, KaZaA automatically switches to a new user and finishes the download.

The program is pretty simple to use—the only difficulty you might have is trying to figure out how to pronounce KaZaA.
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