Newport, Paul

Oct. 21, 2003, midnight | By Ellie Blalock | 17 years, 3 months ago

Name: Paul Newport
Subjects: Guitar, Chamber Choir, Show Choir, Blazer Choir
Education: Westchester University (major in music education), University of Maryland (Master's degree in vocal performance)
Previous Jobs: Worked in Worcester County, Maryland teaching chorus and guitar; worked with Montgomery County Schools at Albert Einstein, Poolesville, and Seneca Valley High Schools, as well as at Takoma Park Middle School; has performed in operas and with church groups in both production and performance positions.
Hobbies: Running, Music
Came to Blair in: 2000

Chorus and Guitar teacher Paul Newport sits in Blair's cavernous music room, which is usually filled with the melodious sounds of enthusiastic Blazers. Newport knew since high school that he wanted to work with music. The only question was which facet to choose.

Before deciding to become a public school music teacher, Newport performed in operas and church productions. Newport began teaching first in Worcester County, Maryland, and in 1979, he began working for Montgomery County Public Schools. Newport finds teaching to be a much more practical musical career than performing. "It came down to job security versus the travel and excitement of performing," he says.

Newport has been interested in music since childhood. "Coming from a musical family always helps," he says. As a teenager and young adult, Newport was a fan of popular bands and artists such as Chicago, The Beatles, and Simon and Garfunkel. Now, however, Newport's inclination towards more classical genres have eclipsed his interest in popular music. "After you start teaching, pop is no longer number one," he says.

Newport and his wife, an opera singer, have a five-year-old son. According to Newport, his son will most likely inherit his parents' musical interests. "He has a lot of musical talent, whether he likes it or not," says Newport.

As a chorus teacher at Blair, Newport is involved with many Blair concerts and musical shows, including the spring musical. "It kind of goes along with the territory," he says. "I don't make decisions; it's always a give and take." Newport enjoys seeing his students explore different interests in Blair shows. "I can see my kids acting, dressing up, dancing. I find out they have different talents," he says.

Newport enjoys teaching a diverse group of students, especially here at Blair. "I love working with all kinds of people," he says. He feels that a strong connection with his students is one of the most important parts of teaching, and in the future he hopes to build more strong bonds with Blair students and faculty.

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