NFL Week 12 Predictions

Nov. 24, 2016, 12:37 p.m. | By Nate Bodner, Ryan Handel, Ellie Williams, Benjamin Yokoyama | 7 years, 6 months ago

Happy thanksgiving! The Redskins will face off against the Cowboys in an important division matchup on this Turkey Day, while the Ravens play the Bengals on Sunday.

Ellie: 95-64
Ben: 93-66
Nate: 91-68
Ryan: 89-70

Vikings at Lions
Ben: Vikings
Nate: Vikings
Ryan: Lions
Ellie: Lions

Ben says: The Vikings have been banged up on defense, but they should still have enough to outscore a weak Lions secondary.
Nate says: Superior defense and the need for a win will keep Minnesota afloat in the NFC North
Ryan says: The Vikings got a much-needed win last week against the Cardinals, but Stafford and the Lions will halt their momentum.
Ellie says: Lions are on a roll winning 5 out of their last 6 games, and the Vikings offense is looking shaky.

Redskins at Cowboys
Ben: Redskins
Nate: Redskins
Ryan: Cowboys
Ellie: Cowboys

Ben says: The Redskins have improved significantly this year, but I'm still skeptical of their tackling ability, especially with blocking from the 'Boys' line.
Nate says: The Skins are coming off a big win vs Green Bay and are determined to win so they can stay in the playoff conversation.
Ryan says: No matter how good the Redskins have looked lately, I can't see them or any other team stopping the Cowboys' offense.
Ellie says: The Redskins won't be able to slow down Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

Steelers at Colts
Ben: Steelers
Nate: Steelers
Ryan: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers

Ben says: The Colts don't stand a chance honestly.
Nate says: The Colts have no defense. The Steelers have AB and Bell.
Ryan says: The Colts have no shot without Andrew Luck.
Ellie says: The strong Steelers defense will destroy the colts without Luck.

Rams at Saints
Ben: Saints
Nate: Saints
Ryan: Saints
Ellie: Saints

Ben says: Drew Brees is one of the all-time greats and he should roll in this matchup.
Nate says: Rams offense just can't produce enough to win.
Ryan says: The Saints will blow out the Rams and their inept offense.
Ellie says: Rams inexperienced defense won't be able to slow down Drew Brees.

Titans at Bears
Ben: Titans
Nate: Titans
Ryan: Titans
Ellie: Titans

Ben says: After the Green Bay matchup we thought the Titans would win the South, but they lost it last week.
Nate says: Without Jay Cutler, the Bears have nothing. Even with Jay Cutler they don't have much...
Ryan says: Mariota and the Titans will get back on track when they face the Cutler-less Bears.
Ellie says: The Bears without Jay Cutler won't be able to handle Marcus Mariota and Demarco Murray.

Cardinals at Falcons
Ben: Cardinals
Nate: Cardinals
Ryan: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons

Ben says: The Falcons' offensive output decreased in the last few games.
Nate says: Cardinals need a bounce back win to correct their dreadful first half of the season.
Ryan says: Feeling the pressure to stay ahead in the NFC South, the Falcons will deliver.
Ellie says: The elite combination of Julio Jones and Matt Ryan will be too much for the struggling Cardinals.

Giants at Browns
Ben: Giants
Nate: Giants
Ryan: Giants
Ellie: Giants

Ben says: Very simple pick.
Nate says: The Browns have two first round picks next year. Maybe they can win some games with them.
Ryan says: The Browns can't even beat the Jets; how do you expect them to beat the Giants?
Ellie says: It's the Browns. They're 0-11.

Chargers at Texans
Ben: Texans
Nate: Chargers
Ryan: Chargers
Ellie: Texans

Ben says: I'm not sure how the Texans been winning, and they even kept it close against the Raiders.
Nate says: Chargers dynamic offense will show their skill against a semi-decent Texan defense.
Ryan says: I'd take Philip Rivers over Brock Osweiler in a close game in the fourth quarter.
Ellie says: Philip Rivers always finds a way to lose.

Jaguars at Bills
Ben: Bills
Nate: Bills
Ryan: Bills
Ellie: Bills

Ben says: The Jags just don't have it this year.
Nate says: Bortles can't get it going enough for anyone to predict the Jags to win anything.
Ryan says: The Bills will take care of business against an inferior Jaguars team.
Ellie says: Buffalos a tough place to play, and the Jaguars suck.

Bengals at Ravens
Ben: Ravens
Nate: Ravens
Ryan: Ravens
Ellie: Ravens

Ben says: Without top receiver AJ Green, the Bengals don't stand a chance.
Nate says: No A.J Green, no Gio Bernard. The offense wasn't producing much even with them. What's gonna happen without them?
Ryan says: The Bengals won't be able to get anything done on offense without A.J. Green.
Ellie says: The A.J Green-less Bengals won't have enough firepower to overcome the Baltimore defense.

49ers at Dolphins
Ben: Dolphins
Nate: Dolphins
Ryan: Dolphins
Ellie: Dolphins

Ben says: Make that a six game winning streak against a 49ers defense that can't stop anyone.
Nate says: Streeeak. Who would have predicted this before the season?
Ryan says: The Dolphins' win streak will continue against the pathetic 49ers.
Ellie says: San Francisco has been losing almost as much as the Browns.

Seahawks at Buccaneers
Ben: Seahawks
Nate: Seahawks
Ryan: Seahawks
Ellie: Seahawks

Ben says: Jameis Winston and Mike Evans won't be able to keep up with Richard Sherman.
Nate says: The Legion of Boom is just too good.
Ryan says: The Bucs have looked strong in their past few games, but they aren't good enough to take down the Seahawks.
Ellie says: The Seahawks are on a roll and primed for another run at the Super Bowl.

Patriots at Jets
Ben: Patriots
Nate: Patriots
Ryan: Patriots
Ellie: Patriots

Ben says: They lose the strangest games, but they should beat the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Jets.
Nate says: This Pats offense is just too good.
Ryan says: Anything can happen in this rivalry game, but Brady and Belichik won't let an upset happen this time.
Ellie says: New England is stronger than New York on both sides of the ball and is historically good in their division.

Panthers at Raiders
Ben: Panthers
Nate: Raiders
Ryan: Raiders
Ellie: Raiders

Ben says: I truly still believe in the Panthers, but the Raiders are a force in the AFC.
Nate says: Khalil Mack is going to put a beating on Cam.
Ryan says: Khalil Mack and the Oakland defense will stop the Panthers in their tracks.
Ellie says: Fresh off a win in Mexico City, the Raiders return to the black hole where the Panthers will likely be without their star player, Luke Kuechly.

Chiefs at Broncos
Ben: Broncos
Nate: Chiefs
Ryan: Chiefs
Ellie: Broncos

Ben says: This is a crazy division game, but the Broncos defense will hold Alex Smith and the Chiefs' offense.
Nate says: Chiefs boast a top tier defense as well as Denver, and they may have the offensive edge now that CJ Anderson is injured.
Ryan says: The Chiefs will rebound from an ugly loss by defeating their hated rivals in a defensive battle.
Ellie says: Denver's home field advantage will give them the edge in this matchup of AFC heavyweights.

Packers at Eagles
Ben: Eagles
Nate: Packers
Ryan: Eagles
Ellie: Eagles

Ben says: I still believe in the Panthers, but the Packers have no defense.
Nate says: Packers will find a way to win and bounce back from consecutive poor performances.
Ryan says: The Eagles will start to crawl out of the NFC East basement by beating the suddenly ineffective Packers.
Ellie says: The packers defense can't stop giving up points and the Eagles are strong at home.

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