NFL Week 14 Predictions

Dec. 11, 2016, 12:47 p.m. | By Nate Bodner, Ryan Handel, Ellie Williams, Benjamin Yokoyama | 7 years, 4 months ago

With just four weeks left in the NFL season, the Cowboys have already clinched a playoff spot. This week the Redskins will face off against their division rivals in Philly, while the Ravens will play the Patriots in an attempt to prove they belong in the playoffs.

Ellie: 116-74
Ryan: 114-76
Nate: 113-77
Ben: 110-80

Raiders at Chiefs
Ben: Raiders
Nate: Chiefs
Ryan: Chiefs
Ellie: Raiders

Ben says: I think the momentum is all with Oakland, they'll come out on top in a very close game.
Nate says: The Chiefs powerhouse defense will swamp Derek Carr and the Raiders offense
Ryan says: The Raiders will not be able to overcome their porous defense against the Chiefs.
Ellie says: Derek Carr will lead an offense with playmakers such as Amari Cooper and Latavius Murray against a Chiefs team that hasn't made very many plays on offense.

Redskins at Eagles
Ben: Redskins
Nate: Redskins
Ryan: Redskins
Ellie: Redskins

Ben says: The Eagles are a wreck, and Kirk Cousins should pick apart the Eagles' secondary.
Nate says: The Eagles are falling apart, with Carson Wentz having regressed down to the level of the rookie that he is. The Redskins should beat them easily.
Ryan says: Kirk Cousins and the Redskins will rebound after losing to the motivated Cardinals.
Ellie says: The Redskins are looking for a place in the playoffs and Kirk Cousins has gotten them there before.

Texans at Colts
Ben: Texans
Nate: Colts
Ryan: Colts
Ellie: Colts

Ben says: Brock Osweiler has proven he cannot be an NFL quarterback, but the rest of their team is pretty good.
Nate says: The Colts are vulnerable, but Brock Osweiler does not have the ability to capitalize on it.
Ryan says: With the Colts' season on the line, Andrew Luck will deliver.
Ellie says: With Andrew Luck back and healthy no one has been able to stop him and the Texans weak secondary doesn't stand a chance.

Bengals at Browns
Ben: Browns
Nate: Bengals
Ryan: Bengals
Ellie: Bengals

Ben says: I had to pick them at some point. 0-16 is a legendary achievement.
Ryan says: This is the Browns' best remaining shot at a victory. In other words, they're going 0-16.
Ellie says: The Browns' losing streak continues.

Broncos at Titans
Ben: Broncos
Nate: Titans
Ryan: Broncos
Ellie: Titans

Ben says: The Broncos defense can match any offense, even one with two great backs and an emerging Marcus Mariota.
Ryan says: Although the Titans have been surging behind Marcus Mariota, the Broncos defense will force him into poor decisions that will cost Tennessee the game.
Ellie says: Titans have the home field advantage and are motivated to make the playoffs.

Cardinals at Dolphins
Ben: Cardinals
Nate: Cardinals
Ryan: Cardinals
Ellie: Cardinals

Ben says: The Dolphins got obliterated last week, and the Cardinals are looking for a way into the playoffs.
Ryan says: The Cardinals are a team looking to climb back into the playoff hunt, while the Dolphins are plummeting out of it.
Ellie says: The Cardinals are coming off a huge win against the redskins last week while the Dolphins just got beat 38-6 and their season is coming to an end.

Bears at Lions
Ben: Bears
Nate: Lions
Ryan: Lions
Ellie: Lions

Ben says: I feel as though the Bears defense is just good enough to stop Detroit's offense.
Nate says: Matt Stafford is having an MVP caliber year and that certainly won't stop against the floundering Bears defense
Ryan says: The Bears looked strong last week, but the Lions are a much tougher foe than the 49ers.
Ellie says: Staffords offense is playing at an elite level and will be too much for the struggling Bears to handle.

Steelers at Bills
Ben: Steelers
Nate: Steelers
Ryan: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers

Ben says: When the Steelers have their big offense clicking, they can beat anybody.
Nate says: With everyone healthy, the Steelers offense is unstoppable. They crushed the-then 8-3 New York Giants with ease and they should beat Buffalo in like fashion.
Ryan says: The Steelers' trio of Ben, Brown, and Bell will annihilate the Bills defense.
Ellie says: The Steelers' winning streak will continue after Roethlisberger's strong offense takes on the Bills' mediocre defense.

Chargers at Panthers
Ben: Panthers
Nate: Chargers
Ryan: Chargers
Ellie: Chargers

Ben says: I'm sticking with the Panthers in what should be a high scoring affair.
Nate says: With the emergence of young wide receiver talent in Tyrell Williams and Dontrelle Inman, the Chargers have the ability to smoke the weakened Carolina secondary.
Ryan says: Anyone who is still a believer in the Panthers needs to hop off the bandwagon.
Ellie says: San Diego is first in interceptions and third in putting up points in the league.

Vikings at Jaguars
Ben: Vikings
Nate: Vikings
Ryan: Vikings
Ellie: Vikings

Ben says: Jacksonville just can't handle the NFL, despite thoughts going into the season. Is there a second tier football league they can play in with the Browns?
Nate says: The "nightmare” is likely to continue for Bortles and the Jags this week as they face one of the league's top defenses.
Ryan says: The Vikings have faltered under a difficult recent schedule, but they should pick up a win against the futile Jaguars.
Ellie says: The Jags are falling apart and the Vikings are looking to redeem themselves

Jets at 49ers
Ben: 49ers
Nate: Jets
Ryan: 49ers
Ellie: 49ers

Ben says: Colin Kaepernick has something and Carlos Hyde can push any offense downfield.
Ryan says: This could be the worst game of the season. I'll take the team starting a veteran quarterback.
Ellie says: QB Colin Kaepernick should have a huge week against a Jets defense that has struggled in recently.

Falcons at Rams
Ben: Falcons
Nate: Falcons
Ryan: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons

Ben says: The Falcons will apply the pressure against a regressing LA team.
Nate says: At this point, the Rams just want to season to end so they can keep rebuilding, but the Falcons are deep in the NFC playoff race and they need to keep up.
Ryan says: The Falcons were so close to a win last week and will fight to earn one this time.
Ellie says: The combination of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will be too much to handle for the unfortunate Rams secondary.

Saints at Buccaneers
Ben: Buccaneers
Nate: Buccaneers
Ryan: Buccaneers
Ellie: Buccaneers

Ben says: The Buccaneers are vying for a wild card spot, while the Saints just cannot make good offensive numbers into wins.
Nate says: Don't look now, the Bucs have won four straight and are currently in wild card position. Meanwhile, Drew Brees threw three INTs in a bad loss to the Lions last week.
Ryan says: Jameis Winston, a vocal leader and solid quarterback, will shred the Saints' defense.
Ellie says: The Saints looked shaky last week at home and the Bucs have momentum and the home field advantage.

Seahawks at Packers
Ben: Packers
Nate: Seahawks
Ryan: Packers
Ellie: Packers

Ben says: The Packers do not need a defense against a weak Seahawks offense so long as Aaron Rodgers plays like 2015 A-Rod.
Nate says: Russell Wilson and his receiving core will exploit the Packers crappy secondary.
Ryan says: Rodgers will take out the Seahawks who will be suffering from the loss of Earl Thomas.
Ellie says: The confident Packers are hungry for a win that could put them above Tampa Bay in the NFC North. With Earl Thomas injured, the Packers' odds are a lot better.

Cowboys at Giants
Ben: Cowboys
Nate: Cowboys
Ryan: Cowboys
Ellie: Cowboys

Ben says: The Cowboys are the best right now. There's no arguing with that.
Nate says: The Giants are not a finished football team, as the nation saw when they got beat down by Pittsburgh last week. This weeks game against Dallas could be similar.
Ryan says: The Giants fell to a stellar offensive trio last week, and the same should happen against, Dak, Zeke, and Dez.
Ellie says: There's no way an average Giants team can beat a hot Cowboys team that's won 11 in a row.

Ravens at Patriots
Ben: Patriots
Nate: Patriots
Ryan: Ravens
Ellie: Patriots

Ben says: The Patriots have been hampered by injuries and personnel issues, but they still have Tom Brady.
Nate says: The surging Patriots are putting points on the board even without Gronkowski. The Ravens have a stellar defense, but it won't be good enough to stop Brady and his talented offense.
Ryan says: The Ravens have just enough defense to beat the Gronk-less Patriots and pull a Monday Night Football upset.
Ellie says: Tom Brady will come out hot against an overrated Ravens defense in a game that can help the Patriots win a home field advantage for playoffs.

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