NFL Week 7 Predictions

Oct. 23, 2016, 2:31 p.m. | By Nate Bodner, Ryan Handel, Ellie Williams, Benjamin Yokoyama | 7 years, 5 months ago

The Vikings will put their undefeated season on the line the Eagles. Cam Newton and the Panthers will take a week off hoping to regain some momentum, while the Steelers look to grab a win against the Patriots without their quarterback. The Redskins will look to take their fifth win in a row while the Ravens will play the Jets this week.

Ellie: 55-37
Ben: 55-37
Nate: 54-38
Ryan: 50-42

Bears at Packers
Ben: Packers
Nate: Packers
Ryan: Packers
Ellie: Packers

Ben says: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
Nate says: Aaron Rodgers and his superior pass catchers will make short work of an inexperienced Bears secondary.
Ryan says: The Bears finally looked like they put things together against the Jaguars. But, they blew the game in the 4th quarter. If they can't put together a complete game against the Jags, don't expect them to beat the Packers.
Ellie says: Rodgers is looking to bounce back from the crushing loss to Dallas last week.

Giants at Rams
Ben: Rams
Nate: Rams
Ryan: Giants
Ellie: Rams

Ben says: I guessed too late.
Nate says: Case Keenum played phenomenally last week, and if that continues, Todd Gurley will have room to run all over the Giants defense.
Ryan says: I'll ride with the Giants as long as Odell Beckham is hot.
Ellie says: The Giants got lucky last week against the Ravens. Won't happen again.

Saints at Chiefs
Ben: Saints
Nate: Chiefs
Ryan: Chiefs
Ellie: Chiefs

Ben says: Drew Brees is leading a huge offense with lots of weapons.
Nate says: A far superior defense will keep the ball rolling for the Chiefs this week at Arrowhead stadium.
Ryan says: The powerful combination of Jamaal Charles and Spencer Ware will be too much for the Saints to handle.
Ellie says: Kansas City ranks #2 in the AFC for yards rushed while the Saints rushing defense is mediocre at best.

Vikings at Eagles
Ben: Eagles
Nate: Vikings
Ryan: Vikings
Ellie: Vikings

Ben says: No more undefeated teams after this week.
Nate says: Carson Wentz took a pounding against the Redskins last week, getting sacked 5 times, and that will continue against the Vikings, who have the best defense in the league so far.
Ryan says: Sam Bradford will be eager to take out his former team.
Ellie says:Bradford and Wentz are both trying to prove themselves in this game, but the Vikings' defense won't let the Eagles win.

Colts at Titans
Ben: Colts
Nate: Titans
Ryan: Titans
Ellie: Titans

Ben says: I'm just picking against everyone else.
Nate says: Colts run defense has been torched for 100+ yards the past few weeks, and I expect that trend to continue against DeMarco Murray.
Ryan says: The roles in the AFC South have switched; the Titans are now the superior team to the Colts.
Ellie says: The Indianapolis offense is inconsistent and the Titans are hungry for a third win at home.

Bills at Dolphins
Ben: Bills
Nate: Bills
Ryan: Bills
Ellie: Bills

Ben says: These dudes are rolling even though Rex Ryan doesn't seem like the type of coach anyone would like.
Nate says: Bills defense has been on fire lately and Ryan Tannehill and the ‘fins doesn't stand a chance.
Ryan says: Even with Lesean McCoy out, the Bills will get past the sloppy Dolphins.
Ellie says: The Bills have been dominating the past 4 weeks, winning by an average of 17 points.

Redskins at Lions
Ben: Redskins
Nate: Redskins
Ryan: Redskins
Ellie: Redskins

Ben says: I have to pick them!
Nate says: Case Keenum went off against the Lions last week. Case Keenum. Kirk Cousins could have a monster game.
Ryan says: The Lions were explosive on offense last week, but the Redskins have Josh Norman to stifle the Lions' passing attack.
Ellie says: Both teams are evenly matched but the Redskins' momentum from the past four wins could carry them through.

Browns at Bengals
Ben: Bengals
Nate: Bengals
Ryan: Bengals
Ellie: Bengals

Ben says: The Browns are the only Cleveland team that is stuck in the losing ways.
Nate says: Yes, the Browns will win a few games this year, but this is not going to be the week. Bengals are one of the most underperforming teams right now, and a home game vs the Browns is a perfect way to jumpstart the team.
Ryan says: The Bengals are clearly in a down year, but luckily for them every year is a down year for the Browns.
Ellie says: The Browns are the only winless team left, sadly this game won't change that.

Raiders at Jaguars
Ben: Jaguars
Nate: Raiders
Ryan: Raiders
Ellie: Raiders

Ben says: These are my two favorite quarterbacks in the league going at it, but I have to take the Jags in an upset over Derek Carr.
Nate says: Blake Bortles has been pretty bad so far this season, failing to take advantage of poor matchups. Derek Carr and the Raiders will out-duel the Jags as Bortles continues to struggle
Ryan says: The Jaguars needed a 4th comeback to beat the Bears. They'll be no match for the Raiders.
Ellie says: The Oakland defense led by Carr and Cooper will put up big numbers allowing their defense to take control of the game.

Ravens at Jets
Ben: Jets
Nate: Ravens
Ryan: Ravens
Ellie: Ravens

Ben says: The Jets have been having trouble on defense, but the Ravens are having trouble on offense too.
Nate says: Jets looked listless and slow against the Cardinals. The Ravens receivers will be able to exploit the Jets secondary that has been torched many times this season.
Ryan says: Geno Smith is starting for the Jets this week. Enough said.
Ellie says: The ravens defense will be too strong for inexperienced QB Geno Smith to handle.

Chargers at Falcons
Ben: Falcons
Nate: Chargers
Ryan: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons

Ben says: The Chargers have one cornerback in Jason Verrett, but other than that Matt Ryan should have a field day.
Nate says: Philip Rivers is consistently among the top quarterbacks in the league, and Jason Verrett can slow Julio Jones down enough this week to win.
Ryan says: The Chargers played well against the Broncos, but their momentum will be stopped by the Falcons and their prolific offense.
Ellie says: Combination of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will be too much for the Chargers' defense.

Buccaneers at 49ers
Ben: 49ers
Nate: Buccaneers
Ryan: Buccaneers
Ellie: Buccaneers

Ben says: With Doug Martin coming back from an injury, the Bucs have a small boost on offense, but Colin Kaepernick will have to make a statement if he wants to stay in the league.
Nate says: After the bye, Doug Martin and the rest of Tampa's young stars are more than ready to punish the struggling 49ers
Ryan says: What happened to the Week 1 49ers? Since Week 2 the 49ers have been pitiful. Expect their losing streak to continue against the Bucs.
Ellie says: Tampa's offense will crush a depleted 49ers team who have lost 6 in a row.

Patriots at Steelers
Ben: Patriots
Nate: Patriots
Ryan: Patriots
Ellie: Patriots

Ben says: Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger? Probably won't end up too badly if they were playing anybody else.
Nate says: Without Big Ben, the Steelers won't be able to put up a fight against New England
Ryan says: The Steelers were awful last week and they'll only be worse with Landry Jones under center.
Ellie says: Tom Brady's offense will have no problem crushing the Steelers without Ben

Seahawks at Cardinals
Ben: Seahawks
Nate: Seahawks
Ryan: Cardinals
Ellie: Cardinals

Ben says: Can't stand the Seahawks but an out of practice Carson Palmer has been struggling recently.
Nate says: Carson Palmer has been struggling, and the Seahawks defense will be able to shut him down. David Johnson can't do everything.
Ryan says: Don't sleep on the Cardinals. Even at 3-3, they're still one of the NFL's top teams.
Ellie says: Cardinals running back David Johnson will run all over the Seahawks.

Texans at Broncos
Ben: Broncos
Nate: Broncos
Ryan: Broncos
Ellie: Broncos

Ben says: The Texans defense lost JJ Watt and Brock Osweiler isn't good enough to lead this team.
Nate says: Brock Osweiler and the Texans are no match for Denver's superior defense
Ryan says: Osweiler commits too many costly turnovers to beat his former team's tough defense.
Ellie says: The Broncos defense led by Von Miller will create plenty of issues for the Texans offense.

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