NFL Week 9 Predictions

Nov. 6, 2016, 10:24 a.m. | By Nate Bodner, Ryan Handel, Ellie Williams, Benjamin Yokoyama | 7 years, 5 months ago

We're getting into the home stretch of the season. This is where seasons will be made. The Redskins take their bye week while the Ravens duke it out against their rivals from the Steel City. Can anyone keep up with the Cowboys in the NFC East? Will both of the AFC wild card spots go to AFC West teams? Will the Browns ever win a game? Ben and Ellie broke the three way tie for first place, with one game separating the top three. Check out our team's picks this week.

Ben: 70-48
Ellie: 69-49
Nate: 68-50
Ryan: 63-55

Falcons at Buccaneers
Ben: Falcons
Nate: Falcons
Ryan: Falcons
Ellie: Falcons

Ben says: The Buccaneers won't be able to stop Matt Ryan, the top rated passer behind Tom Brady.
Nate says: This high-powered offense is just too good to be stopped right now, especially by the measly Bucs defense.
Ryan says: After a grueling overtime loss last Sunday, the Bucs will not be able to rebound quickly enough to beat the Falcons on Thursday night.
Ellie says: Atlanta QB Mark Ryan can throw better than Jameis Winston any day.

Lions at Vikings
Ben: Vikings
Nate: Vikings
Ryan: Lions
Ellie: Vikings

Ben says: The Vikings can't possibly lose three in a row.
Nate says: It's been a rough two weeks for Sam Bradford and the Vikings, but they are still the same team that started the season 5-0.
Ryan says: It is starting to look the Vikings are not who we thought they were after 5 games.
Ellie says: The Vikings were the last undefeated team in the league for a reason.

Steelers at Ravens
Ben: Steelers
Nate: Steelers
Ryan: Steelers
Ellie: Steelers

Ben says: Coming off a bye week Le'Veon Bell will be ready to show he's the top running back in the game.
Nate says: Joe Flacco is not elite.
Ryan says: Ben Roethlisberger may return in this game, and he'll be extra-motivated to win this rivalry game.
Ellie says: Ravens don't seem to be getting it together on either side of the ball and Flacco continues to struggle.

Jets at Dolphins
Ben: Dolphins
Nate: Jets
Ryan: Jets
Ellie: Dolphins

Ben says: I always manage to pick the Dolphins games wrong.
Nate says: After a bad win against the Browns last week, the Jets may be able finally start playing their game.
Ryan says: This battle between two mediocre teams is a toss-up. I'll take the Jets, who just signed C.J. Spiller.
Ellie says: the Jets defense looked suspect against a weak Cleveland offense last week.

Cowboys at Browns
Ben: Cowboys
Nate: Cowboys
Ryan: Cowboys
Ellie: Cowboys

Ben says: The Browns are bad.
Nate says: Ezekiel Elliott may top 200 yards this week. This game won't be pretty.
Ryan says: After losing to the Jets, it looks like the Browns have a good shot to go 0-8.
Ellie says: Prescott continues to impress.

Jaguars at Chiefs
Ben: Chiefs
Nate: Chiefs
Ryan: Chiefs
Ellie: Chiefs

Ben says: Aaaaand the Jaguars of old are back.
Nate says: Jaguars are in freefall, recently releasing their offensive coordinator. Nothing is looking good in Jacksonville.
Ryan says: The Chiefs are turning into arguably the AFC's most intimidating team.
Ellie says: The Jaguars' losing streak will continue as their defense has no answer for the Chiefs' hot offense.

Eagles at Giants
Ben: Giants
Nate: Eagles
Ryan: Eagles
Ellie: Eagles

Ben says: The Giants are fresh off a bye week looking to send the Eagles to their fourth straight loss.
Nate says: Eagles have the superior defense and backfield duo, and the Giants still haven't looked great.
Ryan says: Carson Wentz can outduel Eli Manning to earn the Eagles the win here.
Ellie says: Wentz will bring the heat against the Giants' struggling defense.

Panthers at Rams
Ben: Panthers
Nate: Panthers
Ryan: Panthers
Ellie: Panthers

Ben says: The Panthers' offense is back.
Nate says: They dominated a far superior team than the Rams last week against Arizona. They can definitely do it again.
Ryan says: The Panthers finally showed some life in a dominating win last week. They'll win if they can keep that momentum going.
Ellie says: The Rams are heading for their 4th loss in a row when they go up against Cam Newton this week.

Saints at 49ers
Ben: Saints
Nate: Saints
Ryan: Saints
Ellie: Saints

Ben says: Even though the win over Seattle was at home in New Orleans, that would give any team a momentum boost.
Nate says: Drew Brees' arm has shown no signs of letting up anytime soon.
Ryan says: This might sound crazy, but the Saints' defense is finally stepping up.
Ellie says: Brees should have an easy victory against the 49ers secondary.

Titans at Chargers
Ben: Chargers
Nate: Chargers
Ryan: Titans
Ellie: Chargers

Ben says: I'm sticking with Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense this week.
Nate says: Chargers have a superior passing attack, and a serious feature back in Melvin Gordon.
Ryan says: The Titans have a mauling running game with Murray and Henry that can pummel the Chargers.
Ellie says: Elite running back Melvin Gordon is bound for a breakout week.

Colts at Packers
Ben: Packers
Nate: Packers
Ryan: Packers
Ellie: Packers

Ben says: The Colts were picked apart by Alex Smith last week. Don't get me wrong he's pretty good, but Aaron Rodgers will make them look even worse.
Nate says: RB problems aside, Packers should dominate this game at home.
Ryan says: Aaron Rodgers will make mincemeat out of the Colts' defense.
Ellie says: Rodgers can take advantage of the Colts who turn over the ball too much.

Broncos at Raiders
Ben: Broncos
Nate: Broncos
Ryan: Raiders
Ellie: Broncos

Ben says: I love Derek Carr, but I'm not sure he can handle the Broncos defense just yet.
Nate says: Raiders had good moments, but were also penalized an NFL record 23 times for 200 yards. You can do that and still beat the Bucs, apparently, but it won't fly against a strong team like the Broncos.
Ryan says: The Raiders showed the type of grit last week that will enable them to beat elite teams like the Broncos.
Ellie says: The Broncos stingy defense led by Von Miller will shut down an inexperienced Raiders offense.

Bills at Seahawks
Ben: Seahawks
Nate: Seahawks
Ryan: Bills
Ellie: Seahawks

Ben says: A loss on the road to a fiery Drew Brees is nothing to be ashamed of. The Seahawks will make a statement at home against a falling Bills team.
Nate says: Bills aren't that much worse than the Seahawks overall, but the 12th man will give Seattle the edge at home.
Ryan says: Marcell Dareus and the Bills defensive line will punish the Seahawks' weak offensive line, limiting Russell Wilson's ability to make plays.
Ellie says: Richard Sherman is bringing it this weak against the Bills who are coming off a tough loss to New England.

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