Present ideas for the holidays

Dec. 22, 2003, midnight | By Emma Norvell Caitlin O'Brien | 17 years, 1 month ago

Fun, easy and cheap gifts for the holiday season

Well folks, the holiday season is just around the corner and you know what that means. It's time to hit the mall and buy a few gifts for your friends, family and/or that special someone. Here are some good ideas for last minute shopping.


This superstore has a wide range of classic and new release movies for cheap. Normally, DVDs cost about $20 but at Target they have a great selection for $10 and $15. Our suggestion is to go to Target and browse the movie section for the cheaper movies. Although they are much cheaper, many of them are still popular films.

There is also a large selection of plain cardboard frames at Target ranging from $1.50 to $4 depending on the size of the frame. These are great for decorating with beads or decoupage it with magazine clippings or other pictures.

Decoupage is a great kind of glue that is kind of like a transparent paper mache. You can get this arts and crafts treasure at any arts supplies store such as Michael's, or You can decorate anything from the aforementioned picture frames, a cheap cardboard box to a make a jewelry box. You can use pictures of you and that person or use magazine cut outs of their favorite star.

Board games are also cool gifts, especially for a younger brother or sister. Apples to Apples is a hilarious game in which someone puts down a card with an adjective on it and the other players put down nouns to describe the adjective. A little backwards maybe, but funny all the same. This game can be found at Target for $30. Some other cool games are the People game where you get to be the star for $23 and the Pop Smarts game for $20.

Old Navy:


There is a huge selection of performance fleece for under $15. This is great for any friend because it provides great warmth during the winter holidays.

Old Navy also has some great boxers for only $5. Remember, you can never have too much underwear.

Pajama pants are also a great present and only $6.99 at Old Navy.


Scarves, hats, and gloves make wonderful presents for the holidays. Luckily, your local Old Navy carries a variety of these at very low prices. Their fleece items are very warm and great for the coming snow season.

There are also some really cute purses for under $10.

Slippers also make a really good gift. Old Navy carries some really comfortable ones for under $10.


This movie store has a great selection of low priced movies. Given, they are used but in very good condition and who says that you have to tell your friend that it is used?

Hollywood video also carries used videos for cheap.


Cookies and candy also make great gifts. Plus, they are also really cheap and easy. Candy is as simple as going to the grocery store and buying some. Prices vary from store to store but if you just look around you can get a really good deal. Cookies are also really easy. You can just buy the slice and bake kind, which also have great decorations already on them. These cost under $5 and maybe the cost of an oven.

At Safeway you can buy three packages of brownie or cookie mix for only $2. You can make these personal with decorations.

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