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Name: Caitlin O'Brien
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Graduation Year: 2005

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Maryland lacking in environmental initiative

By Caitlin O'Brien | May 16, 2005, midnight | In Print »

Maybe you did not know it but apparently poaching is a big problem in Maryland. If you were to purchase a fishing license you would receive a Maryland fisherman guide which has an entire panel dedicated to catching poachers, people who fish without a license. According to the pamphlet, "poaching deprives the public of opportunity to use and enjoy Maryland's natural resources." The Catch a Poacher Program even provides an 800 number so people can report any possible poaching. The program also provides cash awards to anyone with information leading to the arrest of a poacher.

"Against All Enemies" opens all eyes

By Caitlin O'Brien | Feb. 1, 2005, midnight | In Print »

When the twin towers collapsed on September 11, 2001, the U.S. changed forever. Everyone has heard this statement said in one way or another, and in a sense, it is true. The once unstoppable force of the United States was vulnerable for the first time since the end of Cold War. Americans were shaken to the core. They no longer felt protected. Safety and security were no longer things to be taken for granted. Now, there was a real threat of terrorism.

Turning your short story into your own short film

By Caitlin O'Brien | Jan. 29, 2005, midnight | In Print »

There is a classroom full of anxious kids. Some talk in nervous excitement while others sit quietly, waiting for class to start. Soon the teacher is in front of the classroom, trying to loosen things up by telling a few jokes. The class roars with laughter, obviously enthusiastic for the event about to take place. There is a podium standing front and center in the room and Oscar posters hanging on the front board to give the atmosphere of an awards show. The suspense is running high as groups huddle together, listening intently for the announcements.

Blazers share Thanksgiving fare

By Christopher Consolino Caitlin O'Brien | Nov. 23, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Silver Chips Online collected some recipes that can help make your Thanksgiving this year especially yummy!

Young Democrats' promo causes controversy

By Caitlin O'Brien | Sept. 17, 2004, midnight | In Print »

The Young Democrats Club aired a promotional video on Info Flow that raised controversy among students and teachers on Monday, Sept. 13.

Joey just isn't Friends

By Caitlin O'Brien | Sept. 11, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Television networks are always trying to capitalize on their successes, and, oftentimes it comes out in a complete disaster. Surprisingly, Joey is actually funny. The characters are engaging and relatable, not to mention hilarious. The premise is interesting. The writing is well done. The only problem with the show is that it's just not Friends.

Eliot Applestein transfers to Blake

By Caitlin O'Brien | May 28, 2004, midnight | In Print »

After his nineteenth year at Blair, Eliot Applestein will turn in his Blazer horns and become a Bengal when he transfers to James Hubert Blake High School in the fall.

The celebration of graduation

By Caitlin O'Brien | May 28, 2004, midnight | In Print »

The dress, bought months in advance, is like one out of a fairytale, or at least something that you might see on a Miss America pageant. Your date asked you in early April and rented a flashy tuxedo. He and his buddies have planned to rent a limo for the tight-knit group of friends that you are going with. An elegant dinner has been arranged at some fancy-schmancy restaurant. You are excited for your last hurrah, the celebration of high school finally being over, otherwise known as prom.

The Traveling Pants give a lesson in friendship

By Caitlin O'Brien | May 17, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Summer is just around the corner and with all the free time you'll have on your hands, sitting down with a good book may be a good idea. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Anne Brashares is the quintessential book for a fun summer read. Not only is it about summer, but it's also an entertaining tale of four best friends and their adventures during their first summer apart.

Making Valentine's Day great with or without a date

By Caitlin O'Brien | Feb. 12, 2004, midnight | In Print »

For some, Valentine's Day is for flowers, candy and a date with a certain special someone. For others, well, let's just say cupid has been too busy lately. Feb. 14 is just not as fun for the single people of the world. But everybody should be happy on a day that celebrates love – after all, it is love that makes the world go ‘round, right?

Winter weather driving tips

By Caitlin O'Brien | Feb. 10, 2004, midnight | In Print »

With all the snow, ice, and the inevitable Washington DC slush, driving around is not so safe anymore. Accidents are a lot more frequent now-a-days due to the inclement weather. To try and keep accidents to a minimum this season, here are some helpful hints:

Make-up day added to end of school year

By Caitlin O'Brien | Feb. 4, 2004, midnight | In Print »

The Montgomery County Public School system has exceeded its allotted snow days for each year. The school year has been extended to June 16 as a result.

Senator John Edwards

By Caitlin O'Brien | Feb. 2, 2004, midnight | In Print »

John Edwards is a charismatic North Carolinian who, despite his lack of experience compared to other candidates, is running for the Democratic nomination for President. As a young southern democrat, Edwards has been compared to such beloved presidents as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

The Nanny Diaries is a delight

By Caitlin O'Brien | Jan. 22, 2004, midnight | In Print »

Complete with an adorable four-year-old boy, a "Harvard Hottie”, and a lovable nanny, The Nanny Diaries by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin is a perfect book for curling up with in front of the fire on a rainy day.

Present ideas for the holidays

By Emma Norvell Caitlin O'Brien | Dec. 22, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Well folks, the holiday season is just around the corner and you know what that means. It's time to hit the mall and buy a few gifts for your friends, family and/or that special someone. Here are some good ideas for last minute shopping.

Upcoming Nutcracker Performances

By Caitlin O'Brien | Dec. 12, 2003, midnight | In Print »

The Nutcracker is a holiday classic that you should be seein! Here are some places where The Nutcracker is being performed.

All drama in The OC

By Caitlin O'Brien | Nov. 4, 2003, midnight | In Print »

TV's favorite formula: hot actors, cool clothes and drama. FOX uses the formula to good effect with their new hit, The OC. Despite the shallowness of this teen drama, it captures the audience with crazy cliffhangers, sticky situations and Adam Brody.


By Caitlin O'Brien | Oct. 30, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Ah, Halloween. The spooky holiday is just around the corner it's time we ask ourselves the inevitable question: To trick-or-treat or not to trick-or-treat? Some may say that once you hit adolescence you must stay home and let the little kids have their fun. I beg to differ.

Tricks for your treats

By Caitlin O'Brien | Oct. 29, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Thinking about throwing a party this Halloween, blazers? Here are some cool tips for some spooky Halloween fun!

Frights and sights

By Caitlin O'Brien | Oct. 29, 2003, midnight | In Print »

If you need some excitment for this Halloween, here are some cool things to do.

Too much action in Bad Boys II

By Caitlin O'Brien | July 24, 2003, midnight | In Print »

Guns! Cars! Explosions! Oh my! That might just be all there is to say about Bad Boys II. On the other hand, besides the high-speed car chases, the numerous shootouts and the excessive use of the

Images (7)

Photo: Vending Machines with students

By Caitlin O'Brien | Feb. 12, 2005, midnight

Students buy food from vending machines along Blair Boulevard.

Photo: Vending Machines

By Caitlin O'Brien | Feb. 12, 2005, midnight

New liquid products are sold in Blair's vending machines after the new inventory change.

Photo: Lit as film

By Caitlin O'Brien | Jan. 31, 2005, midnight

Blazers show off their creative side by transforming their short stories into movie scripts in the Literature as Film class.

Photo: Lit as Film class - Lackluster Life

By Caitlin O'Brien | Jan. 31, 2005, midnight

Photo: Lit as Film class - O'Shauns Seven

By Caitlin O'Brien | Jan. 31, 2005, midnight

Photo: Lit as Film class - Korsakov's Syndrome

By Caitlin O'Brien | Jan. 31, 2005, midnight

Photo: Literature as film

By Caitlin O'Brien | Jan. 31, 2005, midnight

Blazers show off their creative side by transforming their short stories into movie scripts in the Literature as Film class.