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Blazers' plans for prom

The dress, bought months in advance, is like one out of a fairytale, or at least something that you might see on a Miss America pageant. Your date asked you in early April and rented a flashy tuxedo. He and his buddies have planned to rent a limo for the tight-knit group of friends that you are going with. An elegant dinner has been arranged at some fancy-schmancy restaurant. You are excited for your last hurrah, the celebration of high school finally being over, otherwise known as prom.

This year 705 Blazers are attending this "last hurrah" at the Hilton in downtown Silver Spring on Saturday, May 29 from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.. The evening consists of dancing, hot and cold hor d'oeuvres, a prom favor, a rose
for each lady, and a fun, fun evening, says senior class sponsor Norman Stant.

Formal attire

Traditionally, prom has been an event where everyone shows off in their formal attire. Department and chain stores alike have been stocked with incredible prom dresses. If you visit most clothing store websites, they're sure to have a separate section with hundreds of prom dress selections. From classic black, to sexy red and spunky purple these remarkable gowns are sure to litter the prom dance floor.

Blazer girls are ready to spend a lot of cash on these dream prom dresses. Junior Elise Harvey, for example, states that her dress is "very expensive" -when she gushes over it she sounds as though she fallen in love for the first time. "[My dress] is floor length and really poofy at the bottom. It's this bright, sky-blue, turquoise color and zips up to mid back then laces up the rest of the way," she says with an ear-to-ear grin followed by a sigh.

Most girls share this sentiment when describing their dress. "[My dress] is like a cranberry color and it comes down to my knees. It's a satin-like material with a halter neckline," senior Allison Birks says. "I'm pretty much in love with it."

But it is not all about the dress. Guys get excited to get decked out in their formal attire as well. Senior Marcus Harold is going all out with his tux for prom. "[The tuxedo] has coat tails and everything," he laughs. "I even got a top hat and a cane. I wanted to get a monocle but I couldn't find one."

Most of the fun of prom is seeing all your friends in their dresses and tuxedos. "I'm just looking forward to seeing people get dressed up because normally I just see people in jeans and a T-shirt," says Harold.

Pre-prom fun

There is so much to do to get ready for prom. Girls have a tendency to get ready in groups, like juniors Elise Harvey and Lillian Rosen are doing. "Elise is going to do my hair because she is amazing with air. When we were little I told her, 'Elise, you're doing my hair for prom,'" says Rosen with a giggle. They are also going to get manicures and pedicures done in White Oak. Rosen points out that there is a Starbucks close by so she will be drinking coffee while she gets her nails done and "it will be so relaxing."

While many girls do get their hair and nails done by a professional, others opt for something a little more simple. "I'm pretty much doing everything myself because I'm cheap," says senior Allison Birks.

Like Birks, many Blazers are planning to spend as little amount of money as possible. Senior Ben Austin-Docampo, along with many of his friends have chosen to eat at "the Hooters in Rockville" before prom.

Although many people do rent limos for this big event, some Blazers think that it is too expensive. "Obviously if we're going to Hooters for dinner, we're too cheap to get a limo," states Austin-Docampo with a laugh.

Just a big party

From getting all dressed up, to having an elegant (or not so elegant) dinner, and dancing the night away with your best friends, prom is sure to be a blast for many Blazers this year. "I'm excited to spend time with my friends before we all go to college. I don't really even see it as prom, it's more like a time when we can spend a lot of money on dinner and live lavish for a night," says senior Scott Nguyen.

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