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Feb. 2, 2004, midnight | By Caitlin O'Brien | 16 years, 11 months ago

Profile for the 2004 Blair Primary

John Edwards is a charismatic North Carolinian who, despite his lack of experience compared to other candidates, is running for the Democratic nomination for President. As a young southern democrat, Edwards has been compared to such beloved presidents as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

For the past three years, Edwards has spent his time in the Senate, working especially hard to improve the quality of public schools.  He has been a strong supporter of the No Child Left Behind Act, in attempts to make sure that the federal government dramatically increases funding to public schools. Furthermore, Edwards wants to improve the teaching profession as to enhance the state of learning in public schools.
Along with improving public schools, Edwards is also a believer in allowing every student a place in college. His College for Everyone plan would make sure that college is affordable and every hard working student, regardless of their economic standing, would receive higher education. He was also a strong supporter of the DREAM act, which makes a college education more accessible to immigrants.

He has also devoted much of his time working for improved health care legislation.  He worked with Senator John McCain to write and pass the patients bill of rights, a piece of legislation that ensures that those with HMO plans receive the health care they deserve. He has also worked to drastically lower the cost of prescription drugs, saving the American public billions of dollars.

Despite his obvious devotion to the American public, Edwards is not a heavy favorite in the race for the Democratic nomination. This is perhaps due to his lack of experience in the government. He has only spent three years in the Senate, which is a small amount compared to the number of years that some of the other candidates have had. His lack of experience in office should not take away from his appeal, though, given his extreme dedication and personality that would

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