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Jan. 25, 2019, 12:45 a.m. | By Mahnaz Habib | 5 years, 4 months ago

The roles and responsibilities of Silver Chips Online's first-ever ombudsman

Hello, Blazers! My name is Mahnaz Habib. I am a senior CAP student, and as Silver Chips Online's first ever ombudsman, I represent the values of the publication and address concerns from the public. It is crucial for any publication to speak about prevalent journalistic issues and to converse regularly over the aspects of writing an effective piece. Silver Chips Online is an independent student-run newspaper with particular values that always must be upheld. Our motto, nullae morae - nullae rationales, emphasizes our dedication to informing our readers in a timely manner.

Representing the publication and the public Photo courtesy of Young-Bin Lee.

So why bring an ombudsman to Silver Chips Online this year? This role has become a vital part of being an effective and efficient publication. Today's heated political climate and the recent rise in Blair student activism have made it essential that we represent everyone's viewpoints on current events. Blair is a very condensed liberal bubble, and minority viewpoints are often not heard or given any attention. This new role will ensure that we are connecting with these students and any other students who shy away from sharing their opinions in fear of being attacked.

As a publication, we allow our journalists to express their opinions on events affecting the Blair community. However, whether on our staff or not, all of you have the right to express your questions or concerns. This is why I am here. I can address comments on stories and ensure that everyone's voice is being heard. From lifestyle blogs, to news blurbs to editorial pieces, I will bring issues to the attention of the whole staff and then respond to them in my pieces.

Whether it is the newest MCPS policies or the political climate at Blair, there is always a hot button issue that is directly impacting the Blair community. As ombudsman, I take on the responsibility of speaking for what goes behind-the-scenes at our publication and responding to our readers to uphold the values of high-quality journalism. Ultimately, my goal is to speak to the thousands of students who share different perspectives at our school.

I want to make sure that all of your diverse suggestions are heard because we value the importance in conserving all unique ideas. As a publication, we do our best to represent everyone's voice by collaborating with a variety of students, but there is always an opportunity for outside voices to give us their take on current events if they believe their opinion does not align with that of our writers. With that in mind, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment in our comments section, tag us @mbhsSCO on Twitter, or email me at, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to serving you this year as Silver Chips Online's first-ever ombudsman.

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