Roth, Milton

April 11, 2003, midnight | By Brittany Moyer | 17 years, 9 months ago

M. Roth
Subjects: Pre Calculus with Analysis, A.P. Calculus
Education: Brooklyn College, Temple University, American University
Previous Jobs: Lawyer
Came to Blair in: 1969
Hobbies: baseball, tennis, swimming, finances
Extra Curricular Activities: none

Mr. Roth takes pride in having a total 35-year span of teaching, 33 of which have been at Blair. He has become a major asset to Blair as a result of his teaching experience and expertise and is appreciated by students and staff for his intellect and great personality.

Roth grew up in the New York City environs, first in Queens, in Bronx, and later in Brooklyn.
While attending Midwood High School in Brooklyn, Roth discovered a distinct passion for mathematics. He envisioned himself finding a future career in math or computers, but never pictured himself teaching.

In the end, Roth received a degree in Mathematics from Brooklyn College, and then he went on to receive a MAT from Temple University. "It just all sort of fell together," he said about his career.

After finishing a three-year education program at Temple in two years through hard work and year-round study, Roth first began teaching in Philadelphia in 1967. In 1969 he moved to Maryland and started teaching at Blair.

With a few years of teaching under his belt, Roth started to question his choice of career. "Oh my goodness, I don't know if I can do this for another twenty-five years!" Roth recounted thinking.

Roth then decided to enroll in law school at American University where he experienced a grueling schedule of teaching full time during the day and taking classes in the evening. "It was very, very difficult!" he confessed. After receiving his law degree, he practiced law while teaching part time.

Although he does not currently sponsor any after school activities, Roth put his legal expertise to work at Blair in the 1980s and started the mock trial program for students and his love for the water moved him to create what is now a popular winter sport at Blair. "If you can believe it, I also started the swim team," Roth said with a laugh.

Outside of school, Roth spends his time with his wife, Mimi, and his son and three daughters. He also has become a big fan of baseball and distinctly remembers watching his first professional baseball game. As a boy Roth rooted for the Yankees and deemed Micky Mantle a hero and his favorite player. He also enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and watching the stock market.

And while he once had the idea of being a financial planner sometime in the future, Roth is content with his current job. "I'm very happy doing what I'm doing," Roth said.

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