S'more cake

Sept. 24, 2006, midnight | By Alexis Egan | 15 years, 9 months ago

A camping favorite — without the bugs

Nearly every Blazer has had at least one chance to enjoy the sticky sweetness of a just-roasted marshmallow, the crunchy taste of graham crackers and the creamy warmth of chocolate. But for many, this taste is only available in the wilderness, where campfires are legal, or in the microwave, where the result is often explosive. Fortunately, the taste of S'mores can be easily replicated in the form of a cake. A sticky but sweet treat, the cake has the flavor of both marshmallows and chocolate, with the added zest of sponge cake. This S'more cake is a perfect way to recreate your favorite rustic treat in the warm, bear-free environment of your own kitchen.

Makes 12 servingsPreparation time: 45 minutes

Photo: Gooey and delicious, the S'mores cake brings camping to the kitchen. Photo courtesy of Alexis Egan.

- 1 medium mixing bowl
- Electric mixer
- Cake pan
- Spatula and knife

- One package of cake mix
- Three eggs
- 3 oz. of oil
- 10 oz. of water
- One 12 oz. can of marshmallow fluff
- One cup of chocolate chips
- One cup of mashed graham cracker crumbs, with extra for topping


1. Prepare the cake as direct on the back of the package

2. Mix the graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chips into the batter

3. Cook as directed. Allow to cool for 45 minutes before icing

4. Using the marshmallow fluff, ice the cake carefully. If the fluff slides off easily, allow cake to cool longer

5. Sprinkle with the extra graham cracker crumbs

Serve with milk. To make the cake more aesthetically pleasing, garnish with sprinkled cinnamon, chocolate chips or colored mini marshmallows

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