snoWatch: back again

Jan. 21, 2005, midnight | By Vivek Chellappa Ely Portillo | 16 years ago

This time, its up before it starts snowing

As the old saying goes, when it rains, it pours, and when it sometimes snows a lot. So buckle up and get ready for a wacky, wintry ride this weekend.

Photo: Blair as it looks today.

According to, we could all be waking up to anywhere from nine to 16 inches of snow on Sunday morning. Which would be all well and good if it wasn't for two facts – we don't usually have school on Sundays as is, and Monday is already a day off to give slacking teachers extra time to grade their exams.

With that out of the way, we would like to announce that, for financial reasons, the Silver Chips Online weather team will soon be outsourcing our prediction capabilities. To prevent the disassembly of our vaunted staff here in Silver Spring, we ask that you drop off your wallets into a bin that will be set up outside room 165. See, cause in never snows and no snow...means no snoWatch! Please, do not let this happen. We will also accept candy.

Photo: Blair as it may look after Saturday's snowstorm. Note the half-buried student in the foreground.

snoWatch prediction: (aka, the part with lots of made-up numbers)

100 percent chance of closure on Sunday

100 percent chance of no school on Monday (We DARE you to challenge us on this)

15 percent chance of MCPS closure on Tuesday
75 percent chance of two-hour delay on Tuesday


Once again, the weather gods' timing is pretty awful for us. Heavy snow on Saturday won't lead to much in cancellations. However, don't lose all hope – 16 inches of snow could be enough to cause commuting problems for as many as four or five days, leaving the slim chance of a lucky break for us all on Tuesday. At the very least, expect some delays.

snoWatch question: Why did no one answer the snoWatch question from last episode? Was it a bad question? Are you bad people?

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