snoWatch: better late than never

Feb. 3, 2005, midnight | By Vivek Chellappa Ely Portillo | 15 years, 11 months ago

Power outage, inability to be funny reasons for delay

Yet again, the sky is wrapping Montgomery County in a chilly blanket of white powder (usually known as snow), and once again snoWatch would appear to be late getting an actual article up. Don't worry, Blazers – this time we have a bona fide excuse.

As the first flakes appeared high overhead, our kung-fu trained meteorologists swung into action, sending up weather balloons, reading colorful charts, calculating dew points and teaching a monkey to make sandwiches (don't ask). As we finished this report in a timely fashion, Blair's circuit breakers did one of those hilarious little tricks where all of the computers are switched off with no warning. We laughed until we cried. Actually, we just cried a lot.

Anyway, the article would have been written earlier, but is about as accurate as Jeff George's passing (read: not very).

Yet again, our Damascus friends appear to be our greatest friends in our continual quest against school, with at least 2 inches of precipitation recorded according to NBC news. However, meager accumulation combined with temperatures that will barely dip below freezing do not bode well for our chances. Unfortunately, tomorrow morning is expected to be quite pleasant with highs in the mid 40's. It is with a heavy heart and sagging shoulders that we announce that we don't really see any school cancellations.

PREDICTIONS (in case you are too lazy to read above)

Cancellation: Keep on dreaming…

Two-hour Delay: 50%

With accumulation starting to pick up, it's gonna be a close call. Pray for our cow-loving friends in Damascus to come through for us.

snoWatch question:

THIS JUST IN. While attempting to pilfer graphics online to spice up this story, we stumbled upon… the competition. This site offers information about snowfall at popular Australian ski resorts. The banner even boasts the title of Austrialia's Premier Snow Forecasting Website. If you could create a slogan for the TRUE snoWatch, what would it be?

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